There are pink elephants

Pink elephants that live in one of Burma's zoos, causing a surge of emotion from visitors. Painfully unexpected colors of the animals, which all used to seeing gray.

Elephant and her calf love to take a bath and beside himself with joy when they watered. Usually, their skin has a reddish-brown color, but becomes light pink when gets wet. Their hair and nails of the same color. Despite the unusual appearance, a rare breed of pink elephants is officially considered a form of white, and is not a separate species or albino.

By the way, the phrase "seeing pink elephants" with a light hand of Jack London went for a walk in the nation. " Here is a quote from the story: "... well known to all: it is silly, stupid creature, always in a daze, walking legs wide apart, as if in a rocking sailor, often lying in the ditches, and only when nahleschetsya sees blue mice and pink elephants. This is the drunkard who gives humorists inexhaustible material for cartoons ».



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