Due to sterilize domestic cats still have the genes of wild animals

Your cat is not without you umrёt

Cats live side by side with the man for several thousand years, and many owners of furry pets and forgot to think about the fact that even small felines can be fearsome predators and skilled hunters, able to survive in different conditions of habitat.

British antrozoolog (antrozoologiya - the science of man's relationship with animals) John Bradshaw believes that sterilization of domestic cats in general, increases the survival of the species, because the widespread use of castration has meant that most kittens are born into the world of wild and homeless parents, who are much better equipped to life, as, for example, a better hunt.

Recently, researchers have discovered cats genes for their survival skills and behavior in the wild, so it is likely a domestic cat is able to adapt to life without people. The dogs are the genes and, therefore, skills lost completely, as were domesticated much earlier cats.

The scientist said that in today's felines joined two instincts - the ancient hunter and a pet cat behavior is why people often seem strange and unpredictable.

Some features of their behavior suggests that the animals have not lost all of their "wild" skills - certainly, all the owners manual predators seen as a kitten or an adult cat plays and hunts or marks territory: thus animals the instinct of primitive hunter.

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