Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing during treatment of patients he pretended crazy

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RD Laing was a famous Scottish psychiatrist. Most of all, it is famous because of its unusual approach to treatment: patients it is considered normal sane people react outside the box on this crazy world. Laing also believed that in order to understand their patients, the psychiatrist should empathize with them and act like them.


In one bizarre case Laing in order to understand the patient, took off all his clothes and sat on the floor next to the prom * zhёnnoy woman, rocking back and forth - she was ill with schizophrenia. Laing began to imitate the patient - to wiggle at the same rate as it is. He did not stop until she spoke. Unusually different - these were the first words spoken by her during the last nine months.


RD Laing - the founder of the humane treatment of mentally ill patients, his methods had a tremendous influence on psychiatry. However, those who knew him personally, such as friends and family members talked about it in another way - it was al * ogolikom and almost no attention to other people.



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