Bird talking to people on the phone in Japanese

Call ptichke

Can a bird speak different languages? Yes. Sacred lane on this video chats in full Japanese. Bird named Abe Chan became Internet sensation thanks to his understanding of language - although she understands that it says more question.

In the form of a bird responding to a phone call and talk with the man, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the words and phrases in Japanese. Video uploaded guy named Satoko It.

On its website It is said that the bird has happened in the past few excesses. For example, Abe-chan jumped out of the window and ran around the residential quarter, shouting the name of It.

Common Hill Myna - common bird species in Japan. She has black, pitch black, feathers, orange beak and yellow markings on the head. On average, it grows up to 30 cm in length. But most of all lanes are known for their ability to mimic different sounds.

Human speech can imitate a bird with amazing accuracy. Of course, it is unlikely to realize that it was said, but the human voice out of the mouth (or rather, from the beak) a bird a little unnerving. However, yaponogovoryaschaya bird - a rare and exciting spectacle.



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