Demand for an encore!

Yesterday at about 15.00 in the building of the traffic police department, located on the street EASTERN, 1, in Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region.) At full speed and crashed into a truck KrAZ-250. Behind the wheel of the car was a resident Aramilev Sergey Teploukhov born in 1963. The result was breached wall of the building, in the office of the inspectors issued a window. Was also damaged heating pipes, hot water from which poured into the building. The hot water is not flooded all the rooms, the pipe had to urgently overlap. Truck same cause minor damage.
The driver was detained and placed in a cell Berezovsky ATS. Now he behaves like a hero, saying that could be dispersed and harder. Teploukhov was deprived of a driver's license in December 2008 for travel into oncoming traffic. And four days ago, traffic police Berezovsky was detained his son - for non-payment of fines. According to the decision of the judges, the young man was arrested and placed in a detention center. So the hatred of the "hero" to the traffic police now double. Now experts region police department set the damage to the building Bereza traffic police. The audit will be decided whether to institute criminal proceedings against the detained driver. Article 167 of the Criminal Code, according to which, perhaps, Bude prosecuted, not only provides compensation for material damage, but also the actual imprisonment as punishment.



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