Photos of Earth from satellites

Some places, frankly, impressive.
Here, for example, a huge glacier in Alaska resets icebergs in the waters of the bay.
When a glacier moves, it lifts the soil. When two glaciers merge into one, as here, the excavation produced parallel bands.

Southwestern part of Iran. Dry river bed sometimes gives this water irrigation canals, but not for long, again on the desert.

Red sands of the desert Rub 'al Khali (in Arabic - "empty space"). The world's largest array of barren sand, which is located on the plain. Mobile sand dunes form a height of 200 m.

The next picture is similar to the alien landscape, but it is on Earth, in Saudi Arabia. It is noteworthy that the picture is made by human hands with the International Space Station.

A tiny island in the Indian Ocean Amsterdam making waves. But not in water, and high in the clouds.


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