What is depicted in the logo?

Space exploration USA likes to invest meaning in the emblem missions

No, it's not a character fantasy works, it's not just a picture from somewhere in the "Deviantarta».

To the left is the logo of the mission NROL-35. Atlas V rocket will orbit 541, one or more of spy satellites.

The launch was scheduled for yesterday (December 12) morning, but due to weather conditions rocket have run Only a day later. The new planned start time - 03:13 UTC, ie, December 13 at 6:13 Moscow time, just five hours after the publication of this article.

NASA creates unique logos for all of their runs. National Directorate of Military and Space Intelligence also follows this tradition.

Different logos not only a state secret: NASA does a fairly predictable boring logo with space ships and the Stars and Stripes. UNR also uses the Vikings, teddy bears, масонские characters . Because of the secrecy associated with the activities of exploration, it is impossible to say exactly what these signs.

In the sixties of the last century, mankind was at the dawn of manned spaceflight. Then NASA astronauts allowed to choose for their own ships names. John Glenn, for example, chose to name its capsule Friendship 7 ("Friendship 7"). Gordon Cooper called his machine "Faith-7» (Faith 7).

Astronauts deprived of this privilege with the beginning of the program Джемини. Of course, the astronauts is upset, and Cooper suggested as a compromise to allow to create custom logos, as they do in the military. NASA grant the request. C Since then, an important component of any start-up - with people on board or not - is a badge.

It was at this moment there is the National Board of military and space exploration. In 1960 already, former President Dwight Eisenhower establishes UNR as a central regulator of state intelligence organization with the help of images from spy satellites.

The operation was very secretive: the general public the existence of UNR became known only in 1971, and the first photo-reconnaissance program Corona was declassified only in 1995. The possibilities of tracking satellites were the determining factor in the development of outer space, but many technical capabilities are classified to this day.

UNR starts about 4-6 missiles per year. This Saturday is planned to launch the mission NROL-35, which shows the logo above. Nobody knows what will make these devices, but the date and start time no secret for the past couple of decades - the rocket so simple can not hide.

Enthusiasts who follow the launch, soon noticed that space exploration missions also have a logo. UNR is not particularly worried about their leak at some point they began to publish the image. Perhaps, in the image laid some sense, but intelligence can afford to play and give it.


Fame emblems increased with the launch of two thousandth mission NROL-11. This stripe depicted owl eyes towards the beholder, and four arrows, one of which is black with a white outline, and the other three - completely white.

In total there are two orbits, each of them is on the two arrows. They go over what looks like the southern part of Africa.

It later emerged that the logo has affected the privacy program. Civilian observer satellites Ted Moltsan based design stripe suggested that in the previous mission one of the satellites is out of order, so the new device should replace him.

Later in orbit, which suggested Moltsan appeared satellite. Space historian Robert Pёrlmen reported these successes in the UPR. At first, the intelligence refused to give any comments. After half an hour of the organization called back and asked not to publish the story. UNR representatives explained that emblems are intended only to raise the morale of employees.

UNR recognizes this or not, but the logo NROL-11 gave classified information about the orbit of the satellites. Nevertheless, intelligence does not abandon the tradition, although it is now appropriate to this case stricter.

Who is depicted in the logo NROL-35? You can try to sort out some of the goddesses and characters.

  • Hecate - the ancient Greek goddess of moonlight, witchcraft, and all the mysterious underworld. Hecate bestows wisdom in the markets, the happiness in the war booty hunting. As the goddess of the underworld, she was considered as the goddess of all mysterious. Hecate is often portrayed in a black dress, holding a trident and a source of fire.
  • Amphitrite - the sea goddess, which is often represented holding a trident.
  • Shiva < / - Hindu deity who is depicted with a trident.
  • Durga - Hindu goddess, wife of Shiva. Her attribute is also a trident.
  • British - personified symbol of Great Britain. Depicted with a trident, but it is unclear where fire. first option may seem the most likely.

    Here are a few other emblems missions UNR.

    This logo appeared just below the beginning of the leaks of Edward Snowden summer of 2013, so it can be seen as a picture to draw attention to an article about the NSA. The text reads: "Nothing is beyond our reach».

    It is possible that the five rays shooting out of the hands of a winged warrior, represent the five existing satellite communication system Quasar. Load NROL-33 was one of those satellites. Perhaps, two wolves, converts to the west and one to the east - is a new position in this system. The setting sun can talk about the end of the program.

    Estimated load misiii NROL-38 June 2012 - this is some satellite, which operates with the other two, forming a system. If this is true, then the three-headed dragon explained simply. Head may indicate the location of the satellites relative to the Earth.

    The inspiration for the logo NROL-66 mission was the Highway 66 . It is possible that the bull is a reference to the Devil because of the similarity of 66 666. Alternatively, it is dictated by the name of a rocket launch - Minotaur 1 . Load NROL-66 was not a spy satellite, and some other sensitive device.

    Bird on a poster NROL-49 may be a symbol of the United States, tongues of fire - Heavy rocket configuration « Delta-4 ». It is possible that a bird - a phoenix, and launch satellites took over the functions of your old your machine. Latin inscription reads "better known evil," which is part of the proverb "better known evil than an unknown».

    NROL-16 launched in April 2005. About this stripe, little is known. Pelican may be a reference to the place where they live, a gorilla with a mohawk - dominating America.

    Rocket on a poster NROL-1 - is "Atlas" by which was carried out and run. Geometric figure suggests the idea of ​​the Pentagon or the Ministry of Defence.

    Why is the emblem of NROL-10 (starting December 6, 2000) depicts a teddy bear, remains a mystery.

    Emblem NROL-9 unit launched May 22, 1999. It is unclear what was dictated by the choice of the beast, and the slogan "the cat is out of the bag" (meaning idioms - spill the beans).

    Perhaps UNR just playing with the public. Pёrlmen believes that it is internal competition, Do stripe stupid as you can, but to and from his superiors not flown. Or employees imprint in pictures born in the process of discussing images.

    It is unlikely that the real reason we will be ever known.

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