China greeted the New Year

China on the night of 25 January 26, met favorite holiday - New Year according to the lunar calendar, or Spring Festival (Chunjie). Upcoming year cycle will patronize Bull and become the dominant element of the Earth.

New Year - the most popular folk festival in China, which is celebrated twice: 1 January, as in most Christian countries, and at the time of the new moon - the so-called "Chinese New Year" - Chunjie (Spring Festival). New Year celebrations in China begins with the first day of the new moon and lasts for 15 days - until the full moon.

This year, new year 4707 on the Chinese calendar (the year of the Yellow, or Earth, Ox) occurred January 26, 2009 at 10 o'clock 56 minutes Moscow time. This year will end February 13, 2010.


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