Co-sleeping with the baby. Should I sleep in the same bed?

Parents have long been divided into two camps - lovers of co-sleeping with the baby and ardent supporters of separate sleeping. I am convinced that the extremes in this important matter should not be. Read this article, a wise parent, it may solve some issues of concern to you.

To begin with we shall understand why the issue of children's sleep - is an important issue. In order to assess the seriousness of the subject, it is sufficient to recall himself small. How often are you afraid of something in your childhood? Do you scare unexpected nocturnal noises, flashing lights of cars outside the window? It Did you know that in the corner of a dark room hiding a small, but well-fed monster from the movie? Perhaps the children who did not pursue to night terrors, simply does not exist. The reason is that the information, which is owned by the baby of the outside world, still not complete. He knows everything around and in the seven years of imagination begins to play with new colors - imagine that someone is present in the room, except for him, the child can easily. It is speaking of older cub.

Young children from birth to three years - a separate issue. Sleep with them in the same bed - it means to care for their proper development, both physically and mentally there. Infant enough touches, which he feels during wakefulness. Its development occurs incredibly fast, tactile sensations in a dream - it is a natural continuation of the day. Sometimes the kids sleep apnea can occur - sudden respiratory arrest, and if the mother at this point to touch the baby in a dream - he starts breathing again, remember that he was alive, will work centers responsible for breathing. Sudden infant death syndrome is very rare for those kids who are used to not sleep alone. In addition, the mind begins to be formed from the first days of life the little creature. Why some children are quieter, and at others there is often an increased level of anxiety? Because some babies sometimes slept with my mother and feel in complete comfort, while others were isolated from all the night, their stressful experiences and shattered psyche that could not be properly formed.

Baby in parent's bed - it's natural. But we must not forget that the act of the situation - it is the most rational way of thinking. If you are sick, for example, it is obvious that the child should sleep separately. If dad drank a little before going to sleep, he will sleep tight - so the child can press down casually in his sleep. Then the baby is safer still in his crib. Co-sleeping with a child does not mean that he must constantly stay in the parent's bed. It's only a guarantee that the baby can count on you and sleep with you just when it is most necessary - when he is ill, when in a bad mood and cry when scared ... Parental heart must feel such things, and do not blindly follow dictate dogma.

Up to what age can allow your child to appear in the same bed with their parents? Again, there is no one right answer. If it is necessary for the child - it is necessary to listen to his needs. Banishes night, seven-year crumbs back to my room, because "you're an adult" - is sacrilege. Allow your child to spend the night with you and feel absolutely secure. A day talk to him on the subject of night terrors, he learned that his worried and scared, understand the child. Good thing - a night light, we should not forget about it, in the pitch darkness the world is much worse than in the soft light of a lamp.

Being a dad or mom - work round the clock, it can best be seen at a time when there is no peace at night ... The child - a little man, do not forget about it. With it you can always negotiate, influence him as you would feel most comfortable. If you have a good relationship with the child, he can understand that wake you up in the middle of the night should be only a last resort. What is the total sleep in the same bed - it is possible, but not always, do not abuse it. And some night terrors he able to win alone.

Let parenting brings you pleasure, is not it good to know then that your efforts are rewarded. Here it is, the new man, which was formed thanks to you - then already a life lived not in vain.

To sleep or not with your child - your personal choice, approach is reasonable to its decision on the situation and choose the best option. If you came across this article useful reflections and interesting conclusions - share with her loved ones.

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