11 Examples of useful infographic about food. I do not know about you, but I do hang them on the refrigerator!

Who does not love infographics? She fascinated all, bringing information succinctly, simply, and in this case - and even colorful. Admire these pictures, I'm sure many will be opened to you the information of which you have never suspected. I was most struck by the infographics about cheese, and what did you like?

1. The amount of sugar in various products

2. Different types of coffee

3. Variations on the compatibility of pizza and wine

4. How are 200 calories in different foods?

5. Types of different cheeses

6. What foods are good for certain organs

7. What is a paste and its variations

8. The expanded wine list

9. How to make a low-calorie cake? Very easy!

10. Harmonious couples: beer and food

11. Brew tea by the rules

Did you like this information? Some of the infographic really always want to have at hand, for example, about the different beer and food - it's brilliant!

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