Breathe in new ways! 7 powerful plants that are completely clean the air in your house.

Now people spend more than 80% of the time indoors. This is a very large figure. It's unbelievable, but air pollution inside your home or office can be even more dangerous than the pollution outside. It is one of very hazardous environmental risks to your health.

But you can clean the air in your home. For a start stop buying products made from toxic materials which pollute the air in your house. Forget about air fresheners and vinyl floor coverings. They pollute the air with harmful chemicals.

Ventilate the room at least a few minutes a day to clean the air in the house.

And place the rooms houseplants.

These three plants are able to significantly improve the air quality in your home:

1. Areca. Ideal for the living room, because it produces oxygen mainly afternoon.

2. Teschin language. This plant produces oxygen at night, so it is better to put in the bedroom.

3. Money tree. This plant filter, which removes formaldehyde and other chemicals from the air.

These three plants are not only able to clean the air in your house. There are a few houseplants that can be used as filters for air and oxygen producers:

1. Gemigrafis stripe (Hemigraphis alternataa).

2. English ivy (Hedera heli).

3. Gustotsvetkovy Asparagus (Asparagus densiflorus).

4. Pale Tradescantia (Tradescantia pallida).

Are you ready to produce oxygen at home? Then fill in your house plants. But do not forget to take care of them, as the leaves should always be clean and on the ground of debris.

And tell your friends about useful houseplants!

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