"The Dark Side" of your favorite products. How many actually sugar that you eat?

Admit it, buying certain products, you do not always carefully studied the labels on them. And it is worth, because it contains very important information for your health. Have you ever how much pure sugar contained in each product that you drink? And you'll be shocked, but ... our favorite drinks from the shelves of sugar is not less, and in many cases even more than in sweets!

These photos will help you open your eyes to what you eat and drink. By the way, in one such refined sugar cube contains 4-5 grams of pure sugar. Quite a heavy burden for your body, do not you?

Well, how do you? As you can see, many of the products contain an amount of pure sugar, you're not even imagine could. Now, once again buying something from food or drink, remember that a lot of sugar - it caries on teeth, excess body fat, poor immune system, as well as a direct route to diseases of the cardiovascular system. Is it worth it? Health do not buy for any money!

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