15 great movie about family values, which should see everyone!

Cinema - is a form of entertainment, which allows you to relax and unwind. But there are movies that make you think and also to rethink his life. .cc has prepared for you a selection of 15 films that is family values, relationships in marriage, true feelings and love in general. If you love melodrama or simply good films about tender feelings, then you will be happy to display this movie.

Sweet November / Sweet November

This film is infinitely complex and very simple, without any special effects and at the same time is unreal, amazingly beautiful. And the beauty of it - in the eyes of the main characters in the smile of Sarah, in her wonderful dogs and, of course, beautiful music ...

P.S. I love you / P.S. I Love You

This movie must see. He's great, this love story will impress even the most callous person. This is one of the few films that make people laugh and cry, to laugh and cry at the same time.

Notebook / The Notebook

The film excites nerves so that I want to watch it again and again. The story of two people who loved each other. They themselves went to their goal, bravely stepping through all the obstacles encountered in their way. They loved, they were waiting ...

Complicated / It's Complicated

"Complicated" - a story of a woman who is between two men - her lover, architect and ex-husband. Jane has lived most of his life surrounded by loved ones and those close to her, working in his own restaurant, and is, in general, I achieved what always wanted, except for relations with your partner ...

True Lies / True Lies

In this film, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent undercover. Even his dear wife thinks he is an ordinary seller of computers. But, of course, all the secret becomes clear, and then the fun begins ...

The Family Man / The Family Man

Jack - a successful broker goes to the "Ferrari", lives in a penthouse and likes expensive things. He is satisfied with his life, he does not need anything. Fate decreed that Jack is forced to get into the skin of a simple hard workers, the seller of the tire service center, with his wife and two children ...

Indecent Proposal / Indecent Proposal

A film about the restless feelings ... Two hot people loving each other and difficult situations. They were trapped in circumstances from which decided to get out, trusting to chance, - believe in the goddess Fortuna, we went to try his luck in the city of dreams and jingling coins Las Vegas!

Take the baby for Rent / Rent-a-Kid

A successful entrepreneur, becoming the interim director of the orphanage, begins to implement his ideas for a successful device orphans in new families. The first case under his hot hand and somewhat immoral reform fall two brothers and their little sister ...

Love and doves

Despite the lack of entangled plot and that And this story is as old as the world, it is absolutely no need in the estimates or in reviews because it is a simple worldly and truly sincere. Then he laughed heartily, five minutes from the soul cried, all as in life - a strip of dark hair, fair-haired band ...

Autumn in New York / Autumn in New York

The story of a beautiful and pure love. Clean even though such a huge difference in the age of the partners. It is rich, and devilishly attractive for its nearly 50. She is smart, beautiful and so coquettish as like all men. It would be illogical if between them the fire broke out. And most importantly - none of them do not mind that he was a "friend" of her mother.

Incorrect / Unfaithful

The heroine of Diane Lane, Connie, in life was everything: a beautiful and loving husband, Ed, good work and good life. But in a moment everything starts to crumble before our eyes, and the reason for it - casual acquaintance with Paul Martel - a Frenchman, an antiquarian book dealer. Connie becomes literally a victim of animal passion, the consequences of which are unpredictable.

The Story of Us / The Story of Us

"The Story of Us" - a kind of continuation of the conditional tales of lovers of men and women, starting from the moment when, as a newly-married couple, merge into a gentle kiss, as if someone invisible brush writes «Happy End». So? What happens next?

Hope Springs / Hope Springs

Our heroes have lived together for 31 years, the term is not small, the life is lived not in vain, I have wonderful children, grandchildren, his home, a quiet life, but the problem is that living together, they are one, as if two people to each other outsiders, remove apartment. And all the time in the picture, they have devoted to the search for back to a world where touch - not a luxury but a kiss - not an excuse, and sex - not reconciliation.

Overboard / Overboard

The story is amazing. Boredom is not necessary from the beginning to the end. In the best tradition of comedy there are a lot of funny moments, funny jokes and sayings.

The Oath / The Vow

Oath - it's a great, simple, gentle, sincere film, after seeing that there is only a positive impression. These films make it clear that one life, and may happen to us anything, everything in our lives can change, but only love remains with us forever!

Viewing these movies with your partner, and you will see that the feelings flare up again and revive long-extinct romance!

If your friends also love melodrama, tell them about these films!

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