15 original ways to fold a napkin for the holiday table. Surprise all the creative approach!

If you prepare for the holiday and you want to surprise your guests, not only delicious, but also serving the original, then you definitely need to pay attention to the preparation of napkins. Take on arming the 15 original ways to beautifully folded napkin, and then your holiday will be remembered for many a long time. During the feast you can also entertain guests, teaching them how to fold napkins.

1. French envelope

2. Butterfly

3. Veer

4. Single pocket

5. Shirt

6. Bunny ears

7. Rose

8. Bag

9. Heraldic lily

10. The original envelope

11. Double diamond

12. Tie

13. Elf Hat

14. Pinwheel

15. Heart

We hope that some of the ways to hit you like, and you're happy to put it into practice!

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