Helpful hints how to preserve health into old age. ESSENTIAL READING!

Save the health of a lot easier than cure goes wrong lifestyle disease. Some people definitely need to get sick, to understand finally how valuable their body and how important it is to think that you're doing to yourself every day. Why not be inspired by the idea that in the near future, people will learn how to extend the life of the earth? In this case, the care of his "suit" becomes a natural need. Keep the body in good health to live longer and do more good deeds! Another great motivation - is inextricably linked to the health of youth and beauty. Beautiful want to be all that young - especially. To do this, you need only to correct some habits. Let these 13 tips will be happy for you a ticket to a healthy future!

1. Metabolism. Eating meat or not to eat? How to eat? Internet is full of conflicting opinions on the matter, whom to believe, it is not clear ... And you need to trust yourself, your body! Each person has individual characteristics, its own metabolism. Someone better tolerate carbohydrate diet and he did not need to eat meat. Someone carbohydrates are contraindicated, because even fruits that unfortunate fatter ... Empirically choose the best diet for yourself. You know that from the sweet are skin problems - do not eat sweets. Heartburn certain foods? Stop eating them. After a piece of meat you feel sleepy? You should give it up! Remember: you - this is what you eat.

2. Semi-finished products. Do not buy this stuff! The surest way to disrupt hormonal balance and spoil the stomach - has semi-finished products. It takes only a couple of times a week to achieve a devastating effect. Walking past the shelves with semi-finished goods, without stopping. Healthier going!

3. A hearty breakfast. Be sure to eat breakfast! This is the most important meal. Those who do not eat breakfast, prone to weight gain - slows metabolism, if time does not throw the body the right foods soon after waking. Good for breakfast porridge, but it does not fit all. If after the morning porridge it took only two hours, and you're feeling ravenous hunger - Replace cooked oatmeal for soft boiled eggs or lean meat with vegetables. The sensitivity to carbohydrates at everyone, but with carbohydrates all need to be cautious. An important point: dining restraint, always.

4. Water. Drink filtered water! Because of the poor quality of the water there are different problems with bones, teeth and general health. Your body itself will tell you how much to drink water - focus on the rhythm of the gastrointestinal tract. The stomach does not work well with a lack of water, the intestines - even more so. Allow themselves to drink mineral water, this is not worth saving.

5. The fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. Fatty acids required by the body, as well as fatty foods in moderation. The main thing - to keep the balance. Omega-6, found in vegetable oils, salad dressings and margarine, and omega-3 is in linseed, cod liver oil and fresh oily fish - salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring. It should limit the use of omega-6, but the omega-3 acids should be eaten often. On this depends the health of your brain, skin and nervous system!

6. More natural products! Go to the market to the grandmothers and actively meet with them. In the market you can always buy fresh milk, eggs, meat, high-quality fruits and vegetables without chemical additives. It is a thousand times better food from the supermarket and become permanent if the buyer from some old woman - even cheaper. Natural products are the most beneficial to health, do not forget about it.

7. The acid-alkaline balance. in the body need to maintain a healthy environment in which the bacteria are killed. This can be achieved if there are more foods rich in alkali. However, here too, everything is very individual: the type of metabolism depends on how the body reacts to different foods. Understand these serious matters once consult an expert nutritionist. It's worth it! When a healthy environment in the body, no viruses and bacteria are not terrible.

8. Sport. Every day you need to move, giving the body a healthy load. Walking, jogging, elementary charge - well everything that makes you feel life! A living person is always active, energetic, cheerful. Lethargy and inactivity - dying companions.

9. Chemistry. Ecology and so in a terrible state, is enough to bring in their homes more chemistry. It's really bad for your health! Buy natural cleaning products and use life hacking cleaning using harmless substances.

10. Breathing. Learn to breathe properly, filling the lungs with oxygen completely. A deep, calm breathing - health pledge. This will help you feel better and less sick respiratory diseases. Headaches can also be caused by bad breath. Yoga - a good way to get your body to breathe as it should.

12. Temperature. Do not rush to shoot down the temperature! Drink plenty of fluids, rest and give your body a chance to cope with the disease themselves. Shoot down the temperature is necessary only in extreme cases - for example, when the heat in children, because it is now the murder of immunity.

13. Depression. Chronic depression - a serious cause for concern. This is an indication that the body lacks vitamin B12, C and folic acid. Also, the causes of depression may be hormonal disruptions and allergies, constant contact with harmful chemicals. Be sure to consult a doctor if you notice in his long melancholy. Mental health is also very valuable, take care of it!

Happiness is possible only when a person is healthy. Try to keep this in mind. Who said that to be healthy - difficult? Being healthy is very easy, if you approach your life wisely! Share these tips with your friends, they need to know.

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