Watch Out! At the station, Roma!

St. Petersburg metro, the transition "Vladimir - Dostoevsky", January 22, 2009.

Lyudmila Loshakova, the duty supervisor, announces to the metro station: "Caution! At the station, Roma! »

As a result, Lyudmila A. was accused of inciting racial hatred, deprived of bonuses and miraculously reduced.
In runet, of course, immediately began a heated debate about "who is right". Numerous citations and references will not - you know, how much there is dirt. In general, this question was not found until the end, so to swear, but that's a good thing the group of people supporting Lyudmila A., committed. LJ user collected money (a kind of compensation awards, which have deprived a woman), packed them in a beautiful box, bought flowers and went to visit Lyudmila A. and express their deep reverence to her.
Photo directly awarding gifts look more + some more text.

Lyudmila told us how everything happened that day. It turns out that just a few minutes before the ad itself, to its booth came weeping granny with raspotroshёnnym purse. After that, Lyudmila said that could not make a declaration of the station Roma, moreover, that it is clearly seen as the Roma swarmed around their victims, and clean them pockets. The news that she was in the media for it was big and unpleasant surprise - especially in light of the fact that now there are reductions in the subway. But it did not reduce, and deprived of the award. By the way, Lyudmila very well spoke of his boss - she stood up for her, and maintained until the end of the conflict situation, but it's worth it - Lyudmila A. three years before retirement, and she would like to continue to work on the subway.

Lyudmila gave all his gratitude for the support on the Internet - her son showed her reviews ordinary users, and they are very much helped her not to lose heart when the creature-tsyganolyuby from Memorial did everything to ruin her life by the authorities.

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