These incredible cinema forever change your attitude to the movies.

You prefer to sit at home and wrapped in a blanket and sipping a cup of hot tea, watch online your favorite films? And what about the theater? Just not this where barely hatched two hours in uncomfortable chairs, the neighbor behind necessarily takes with him ten packs of crackers and popcorn, and obnoxious woman commented on the left every word any actor on screen and certainly knows the whole story of the film in advance.

Watch a movie at the cinema, swimming in the boat, lying in bed, luxuriating in an inflatable pool - no longer a problem! All your wildest dreams have become a reality the designers in all parts of the world. It offers you a selection of unique movie theaters around the world. Among other things, many of them are of particular interest not only in terms of entertainment, but also have international architectural significance. Be sure - so movies you have not exactly looked!

1. «Urania National Film Theater», Budapest (Hungary)

Photo: Ak17

2. «Puskin Art Cinema», Budapest (Hungary)

Photo: Éva Podolyák

3. «The Bijou Theater», Bridgeport (USA)

Photo: The Bijou Theatre

4. Creative Documentary Film Festival in Skopje (Macedonia)

Photo: BB

5. «Olympia Music Hall», Paris (France)

Photo: Unknown

6. «Sci-fi Dine-in Theater», Hollywood (USA)

Photo: Flickr

7. «Electric Cinema», London (United Kingdom)

Photo: Electric Cinema

8. Unusual Cinema in Paris (France)

Photo: Lutetia

9. «Fox Theater», Detroit (USA)

Photo: Pat Patience

10. «Orinda Theater», California (USA)

Photo: Franck Bohbot

11. "Arena", Pula (Croatia)

Photo: Andrea Wunderžena

12. «Hot Tube Cinema», London, UK

Photo: Hot Tube Cinema

Now Movies - cliffhanger: can wear evening dress, take a swimsuit, bring a pillow or even ... a lifeline. In any case, being at least one of them, you just forget what is boring to watch a movie in the rooms! Do not forget to share the post with a friend - then he still does not know what could be the theater.

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