The shocking experiment offered these children spend 8 hours without using technical devices.

The psychologist, who has decided to conduct the experiment was convinced that today's children are too dependent on the benefits of civilization. According to experts, they not only can not do without electronics, but also do not know how to spend time alone and are not familiar with their inner world. Psychologist decided to confirm or refute this hypothesis scientifically.

In the experiment, on a voluntary basis included children from 12 to 18 years. In its course it was necessary to hold guinea 8:00 by himself without using all sorts of creature comforts, such as computers, phones, televisions, radios, iPods and other gadgets. Children were allowed to read, write, play musical instruments, paint, sing, do needlework, walk in the fresh air, and so

Teens should have to do it all alone in the house, if you want your writing mood and thoughts. Also, if there is discomfort experiment was proposed to stop and note the reason why it happened.

At first glance, the experiment seemed quite harmless, but its results are all plunged into shock. Of the 67 members before the end lasted only three children. Almost all of them have experienced a number of unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms, among them - nausea, hot flashes, sweating, dizziness, a feeling of fear and anxiety of different levels of intensity. Some even noted these panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

If the first couple of hours of the experiment is relatively easy, the condition of children is rapidly aggravated with each subsequent hour.

Here is a list of cases that are trying to take the kids themselves:

 - Cooking and eating food;
 - Reading;
 - Studying and homework (although it was during the summer holidays);
 - Aimless wandering around the apartment;
 - Trip to the store or cafe (attempts to circumvent the prohibition of communication);
 - The gathering of designers and puzzles;
 - Drawing;
 - Washing;
 - Cleaning;
 - Playing with pets;
 - Writing (poetry, prose);
 - One child 5 hours of riding around the city on public transport;
 - Another one 3 consecutive hours riding in the park on the rides until he was sick;
 - The boy took the whole city on foot;
 - One girl visited the Museum of Political History, and the boy - Zoo;
 - Some even prayed.

Immediately after the trial, 20 children called their parents and three friends, 14 went to the social networks, five teenagers want to meet with friends. The rest do computer games, almost all the music included.

All symptoms disappeared immediately after the end of the experiment. Most of the subjects recognized the experience very rewarding. They were deeply impressed by the fact that they begin to feel this way in situations of loneliness.

Of the three children, who brought the experiment to the end, one boy pasted model of a sailing ship, playing with the dog and ate the other - to organize their collections and transplanted plants. Both children all the time felt right. Among the winners was also a girl, but judging from the records that it provided a psychologist, this test being decided to keep secret.

The results of this experiment are shocked not only psychological, but also the children who participated. It is necessary to clarify that all teenagers themselves have expressed a desire to participate in such an experiment. It is terrible to imagine what would happen if such a test is conducted on a common basis.

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