You think you know all about the animals? These 10 items you just see for the first time!

Many of our world seems to be quite clear. But I assure you, all of this - the imaginary stability. After all, only scientific discovery can smash to smithereens representation of humanity about the world and all scientific theories. Then everything you've been taught in school, would be unnecessary and wrong.

But let us leave these global issues and go back to the beings that inhabit our planet. Among the scientists are very popular joke that explored the ocean depths worse than the reverse side of the moon. This humor is unfounded, as we know only about 2-5% of the mysteries that hides the world's oceans.

And the water, and the dry land inhabited by a large number of as a fairly conventional and the most incredible animals. We selected 10 of the most interesting specimens.

1. Krasnoguby bat

This fish, like a woman with a lipstick, lives in the waters off the Galapagos Islands. It is bad swims and moves along the bottom with the help of the pectoral fins. B>

2. Goblin shark

This purple shark as if just sailed from filming a horror movie. But I hasten to reassure you: the animal family skapanorinhovyh lives at a depth of 100 meters and is not dangerous to humans. B>

3. Ant-panda

This insect resembles an ant with a shaggy coat color like a panda. But in fact it is - a wingless wasp Euspinolia militaris from family Mutillidae. These wasps live in Chile and have no venom in the sting, so it is quite harmless. B>

4. Serpentine amphibian

It Caecilians scientifically called Atretochoana eiselti. It is completely blind, has a big mouth and a dorsal fin. B>

5. Spinoza shield boss

This is a clear establishment of the closest to the cicadas. With beak insect pierces the plant stems and sucks the juice from them. B>

6. Striped streaked

This bristly hedgehog found at latitudes of Madagascar. Despite the fact that it is - a mammal, an animal is able to communicate as crickets, beetles and snakes. B>

7. Hummingbird mole

hummingbird hawk-moth - butterfly of the family of hawk moths. By type and method resembles a hummingbird food. B>

8. Glaukus Atlanticus

This gastropod, also known as the blue dragon, lives in the warm waters of the seas and oceans.

9. Shrimp mantis

This predator, which is also sometimes called the "sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlocusts", "killer shrimp" and even "Hogger fingers", living in burrows in subtropical waters.

10. Venezuelan mole

This insect was first discovered in 2009. In appearance it resembles a large hairy mole.

Nature never ceases to amaze, is not it? Who would have thought that such animals exist? Also you will be interested to see the 20 new species of animals, which opened in 2014.

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