That looked like the first class in the Soviet planes.

As in the Soviet Union they were all equal - there were no rich and poor - transport could not be divided into classes, so this would be contrary to the ideology of a great country. However, this rule still were exceptions, namely, we are talking about air transport. "Aeroflot" at the time made sure to stay on board the aircraft as comfortable as possible for both the political elite and ordinary citizens. In the 1950s, we began to depart over the world, so one way or another Union had to accept international standards. But sometimes the aircraft "Aeroflot", which were intended for international flights have been used for domestic flights. Then each mere mortal could feel elite.

prepared for you a selection of rare images telling the story of the first class of Soviet aircraft. I think current business class - a pathetic parody of the luxury that was once. Note, no plastic utensils - only china and crystal! And the food - real delicacies from the New Year's table, not some semi-finished products out there that can not be taken into the mouth ... Oh, where are you, old days? Plunge into the past and ponostalgiruy with us.

In the first class could fly and ordinary passengers. As you can see, very much like a salon wagon ordinary trains. B>

On board were allowed to transport animals, and the lady with the dog - proof.

Comfortably on couches, you can read the works of Marx, crossword puzzles, or to kill time for board games.

It looks like the flight was so mild that many managed to sweet nap an hour or two. Note, none of the passengers are not buckled! B>

Lunch premium aboard Soviet ships - a real feast for all of the stomach. As you can see, the passenger is offered only to a balanced diet. B>

Finish the food on here such makeshift kitchens. Not every home has a time to be found! B>

In order to ensure the maximum comfort of its passengers, "Aeroflot" invented even beds in salons premium. Painfully it looks like an ordinary coupe Soviet train. B>

Yes, people in the Soviet union were flying with more amenities than we are now! And for that now only tear off the money? B>

And this is another variation of the cabin in the first class of Soviet aircraft.

Leather sofas, red carpets - all emanates from the luxury of the Soviet era.

The first class at the TU-144. According to me, it is pretty good, both for the time! B>

But the promotional photos of "Aeroflot" about the 1970s-1980s.

The airline has promised an unforgettable transatlantic flight in first class just something for 583 dollars 90 cents, which was the official exchange rate of 525 rubles 60 kopecks, promising a high level of comfort, real caviar.

Looking at these pictures, you realize that he traveled in time. It would be interesting to be on board these ships today ... modern airline still have much to learn from the Soviet airlines. This is especially true comfort level of passengers during the flight, service and, most importantly, the quality of food supplied to the board.

Tell your friends how to look first class in Soviet airplanes.

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