Top 11 countries with the world's best medicine. That's where the hurt is not scary!

It just so happened that people occasionally get sick and they have to see a doctor. Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, some illness or injury could affect you and ...

The level of medicine around the world is very different. Interestingly, some of them better than anyone else? Edition has prepared for you the ranking of countries with the most prominent medical figures. The rankings took into account many factors: life expectancy, the combination of excellent private and public health services, the cost of treatment, and other components that influenced the rate. Perhaps the position of many of the States represented'm not surprised, although some places may seem surprising. In general, in front of you with the best country in the world medicine.

11. Sweden
As is well known, Sweden boasts excellent environment, but also with medicine here all right. 97% of all medical costs covered by the state, and citizens only pay the remainder. The government does not fund dental care of its citizens, but children under 19 years of dental services still provided free of charge.

10. Switzerland
The average life expectancy of the Swiss state in 2012 was about 83 years old. And it should be noted that the level of local health played in this significant role. Most medical services covered by the government, and only a portion of the citizens themselves, each of which must have a medical insurance policy.

9. South Korea
The country adopted a unified health care system that provides fair and equal health care for all residents of the country without exception. In addition, the state regularly allocates funds for the fight against pollution. Here believe that environmental problems are the main causes of disease in people.

8. Australia
About 75% of medical bills to compensate for the government of Australia. The remainder covers a quarter of private health insurance. In the country there is a separate fee for ambulance services. Dental and optometry also remain on the shoulders of citizens, but poor people can use subsidies.

7. Italy
The health care system in Italy is organized at a high level. It is a mixed public-private system. The average life expectancy of Italians - 82 years. All operations for the citizens of Italy, regardless of the clinic are free. In addition, any does not require emergency care costs even illegal.

6. Spain
Local health workers are particularly literacy and education, up to the nurses. If the drug prescription was issued in the clinic, the majority of its cost paid by the state.

5. Germany
German hospitals sign contracts with insurance companies, in addition, they receive investment income from the state. But on the level of local doctors heard, probably, the world.

4. Israel
Health care - it is a fundamental right of the people of Israel. The health care system is regulated by the state. Technical equipment of the healthcare industry - one of the best in the world and the competence of doctors and nurses do not cause problems. Medical tourists are increasingly directed it here ...

3. Japan
Like most efficient health systems, based on the Japanese universal health insurance. In addition, the Japanese often get additional private health insurance when applying for a job. The homeless and low-income people are exempted from medical fees. They are treated by government subsidies.

2. Singapore
In this country it is equally effective, both public and private clinics, so we could not not notice it. In terms of health care for citizens of Singapore can only envy.

1. Hong Kong
Unexpected leader, but the medical system in Hong Kong as well as Singapore, is equally effective in both the public and private sectors. In addition, Hong Kong is one of the lowest rates of infant death in the world, but the life of local citizens can only envy. Everything together makes the medicine in Hong Kong the world's best.

It is clear that our medicine is where and who strive to learn. Now we know where we must first learn from the experience. Finally we wish you do not get sick, and as little as possible to address to the doctor, and now just can share this material with your friends.

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