Secrets of the Desert, which only have to solve

If you think that the desert is the most boring and uninteresting place on earth, then you are deeply mistaken. The fact is that in the vast desert sands hide many secrets which only have to solve mankind.

1. Circles fairies

On the territory of the Namib desert, you can meet a lot of evenly spaced circles, the edges of which are lined with tall grass. Here within these unusual circles nothing grows, even if to pour the fertile soil. There are several theories of the appearance of these circles. On one of them, they may be the result of vital activity of termites, poisonous vegetation growth or leakage of gas out of the ground. The size of such communities can reach 20 meters, and none of them lasted more than 75 years. After this time, they all disappear in a strange way.

2. Strange grave

In the necropolis, the Valley of the Kings was discovered limestone chamber in which were found 28 huge vessels and 7 coffins, each of which has been carefully sealed. Here only the remains of bodies in any coffin was found, but instead they were filled vessels and pieces of ceramics, stones, dirt, fabric, wood powder used in the mummification. Why this was done is still a mystery.

3. gas emissions

In 2003, during the passage of the satellite to measure levels of methane over the geographical area of ​​Four Corners in the US it was discovered deadly cloud of greenhouse gas. About six years something unknown to go down a large number of shocking methane equal to 10 percent of annual emissions of this gas in the United States. Today it's all stopped, and scientists still can not detect the origin of such a large amount of methane.

4. Syrian ruins

In the Syrian desert discovered the ruins dating back more than pyramids. Scientists theorize that the remains of the mysterious city, which was much older than a nearby Damascus, although the ancient Damascus was founded 5000 years ago. These stone rows were discovered in 2009 by archaeologist Robert Mason. Also during the excavation were found stenopodobnye education, called "desert snakes' and rocky traps. Age findings from about 6,000 to 10,000 years. Until now, scientists can not reach a consensus, who built this city and where it disappeared as a result.

5. Unknown artifacts

In the desert of Kenya it was discovered the oldest stone tools. Age found 149 stone artifacts consists of about 3, 4 million years, and in those days did not exist as we know the ancestors of humans. Who made these primitive tools is still unknown.

6. Nitrate Atacama

Even Charles Darwin, dubbed the South American Atacama Desert place where nothing can exist. However, it is the richest source of iodine and nitrate deposits in the world. It is difficult to say how this is possible, because in this desert region, there are no bacteria, necessary for the formation of nitrate and iodine deposits.

7. Holes in Pisco

Near the valley of Pisco it was discovered thousands of cone-shaped holes cut in the rock. It is expected that these holes, which are about 6900 pieces, could be used as a granary or the grave.

8. Nabta Playa

The Sahara Desert is located megalithic structures, called Nabta Playa. It is a ring of stones up to 2, 7 meters, standing in five rows. This arheoastronomichesky monument can be considered the oldest in the world, because of his age counts from 6000 to 6500 years.

9. Spider painting

In the Western Desert of Egypt was found Rock slab of sandstone, which depicts what is considered the only example of rock paintings of spiders. Scientists suggest that this plate is much older than the Egyptian. It dates from about 4000 BC.

10. Desert glass

After some tests gemstone scarab belonging to the King Tutu, the scientists concluded that the glass in it was made before the first Egyptian civilization. Later in the territory of the Sahara region has been found in which a sand were mysterious blocks of glass.


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