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Toplist is a completely new concept not only for the Russian Internet, but also for the entire World Wide Web. Here each user has the ability to create lists on a variety of topics, and to influence the opinions of others.

What is the most effective way of determining the popularity? That's right, compiling rankings. The creators of the portal toplist considered unfair that the ratings have a limited presence in our lives. You can find the list of highest-grossing films, popular songs and wealthy celebrities. But why should they be limited? Users can create a list of toplists dedicated to the best logos of cities, the most powerful people of the world or the most futuristic models of cars or absolutely any other topic. In contrast to the not entirely understandable ratings, published in the media, the principles of formation of the lists in the toplist are simple and transparent. The card, which received the most votes wins. Rate may even unregistered users, but a personal account on the site gives a lot of benefits. Voice registrant community is much stronger, and therefore has a greater impact on the final distribution point.

Fascinating popular vote is held in many categories: girls, actors, superheroes, videoblogery, boxers, etc. You would think that something is missing? Register and add new top card, or a favorite singer, actress, model car.

Unique service was started under the leadership of Victor Koch, who has experience at Google. Koch has devoted a lot of time improving the search script to Google+ social network, so that it is perfectly versed in the interests of the modern Internet audience. The presence in the team of Viktor Koch portal toplist - a guarantee of success. Many experts have noted the impressive growth of the website audience. Despite the fact that the toplist is a newcomer in RuNet, his attendance and the number of registered users is impressive.

Already we can say with confidence that the toplist portal will be of interest to Internet users. Minimalistic design, user interface, ease of registration and voting allow involved in the process of formation of public opinion from the first minute on site. Massive popular voting has already begun, and everyone can join him!


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