Video of 400,000 photographs of the Milky Way


Telescope "Spitzer" sent to Earth a wealth of data about our galaxy. "Spitzer" launched in 2003, and at the time of the launch was the world's largest infrared space telescope (in 2009 the situation has changed with the launch of the observatory "Herschel"). Observing the cosmos in the infrared range reveals a lot virtually invisible in the normal range observation of objects. This cooling down stars, gas and dust nebulae and some other objects.

At the same time observing in the infrared range is perfect to hold it out of orbit because the Earth's atmosphere absorbs thermal radiation. This thermal radiation passes through the cosmic dust clouds that cover from observation in the visible spectrum (and some other bands) the galactic center and other facilities.

Author clip, which is placed in the continuation, took pictures of the Milky Way in different ranges, and combine them. Here are some images - very high quality, gigapikselnye. As mentioned above, a video obtained by compiling hundreds of thousands of images, received a very colorful video. It's not CGI, and emulation.



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