On the boundary of the world ..

6 October Mr. Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio.
Great border guard, it symbolizes the boundaries of the physical world, any body, border states, indicating the boundaries of what is permitted and not just points and actively inhibits manifestation of every person and every creature.
Entering the scorpion will undoubtedly be accompanied by mystical experiences, profound interest in the inner miru.Pogranichnye state border of life and death, a sense of fragility and brittleness of this world and of his own, this interest will be the main or neobhodimosti.U some it will cause fear and misgivings, hence reflexively tightening laws crackdown pr.ryad and rash actions. Other righteous anger, a sense of personal responsibility, willingness to really change something in yourself and maybe take a personal part in the processes leading to the preservation of peace, nature, etc. This two and a half years of struggle for the right to live, the right to be free from the lies.


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