20 best quotes Monica Bellucci

Most of the sayings and life of the actress adored by men, which is called the Italian Goddess

Monica Bellucci - Italian goddess and a woman, the dream of many men can not be compared not with an actress. Her charisma and natural femininity leaves no man indifferent. Besides Monica Bellucci mother of two wonderful children, she knows three languages ​​and loves yoga.

Best statements Monica Bellucci:

We belong to no one: neither our husbands or children. We can only something to share with people we love.
People can forgive a man mind, even talent, but the beauty - never.
A woman can love as if it had never gone. But there may come a day goes like and do not like.
For me, getting old - it means getting better!
In my opinion, it's silly, being young and beautiful, to become a kept some moneybags infinitely fast life at parties. Beauty should help us to find harmony, love and meaning in this crazy world.
Human knowledge has increased significantly in technology - but not in the sphere of feelings.
The beauty of a woman becomes a problem only in two cases: when it is not, and when there is nothing but beauty.
Never in the world would not like to have my back was 20. Now I'm much happier than if, because at that age, we still recognize ourselves, trying to figure out what we want to be suffering from a lack of confidence. Now I know exactly what I need and what I can not live.
Beauty becomes a lively and interesting when it is hidden clothing.
Femininity - the harmony, naturalness and sensuality.
I do not understand women who say that the male desire to humiliate them. In my opinion, they're just not in tune with.
I always tell young girls: "Learn to love your body!" After all, the ideal does not exist, and it is clear that women with forms is not less beautiful than the slim girl. You just need to learn to accept yourself for who you are.
Feel interior comfort - this is not what you look like in appearance and the way you feel inside.
Beauty is really the force, but only if you know how to use it. It's like having a Ferrari if you are not able to go for real, she'll to anything.
No need to hate people who are jealous, because they recognize that you are better.
Every woman likes to be loved.
Love lives only if there is mutual respect and freedom. The desire to possess another thing like - is absurd.
Someone told me that in all the artists have sleeping beauties and every time playing the role of one of these beauties wakes. Inside, we have everything. We only need to see it.
I'll never be thin. I am by nature a rather lazy. I like to eat. I real - such. And does not intend to become unreal.
No matter how strong or a woman, she is waiting for a man stronger than himself. And not to he limited her freedom, in order to give her the right to be weak.


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