If you open an emergency exit during a flight

Surely each of us looked at the door emergency exit in an airplane, and was worried that some crazy open it during the flight. Stop worrying, since it is almost impossible. In this article I will discuss in detail why this situation is excluded. You will also learn what people think about it, to understand the aircraft equipment.

Air pressure plays a key issue. Emergency exits plane tightly closed because of the difference in the internal / external air pressure. Once launched aircraft engines, air is sealed inside. It would take the power of the Incredible Hulk to open the exit in mid-flight. The internal pressure of the cabin is much larger than the external atmospheric pressure - it means that even a group of people united will not be able to do this trick. At cruising altitude of every square inch of exposed ogromnomdavleniyu door, which is almost impossible to overcome.

What happens if the door during the flight all the same will? In this case, the pressure in the airplane drops instantaneously and immediately descend oxygen masks. You will have about 15 seconds to have time to put on the mask. At an altitude of 10 kilometers, and the air is frozen, if not to put a mask for 15 seconds, followed by hypoxia. Those who ignored the request to wear a seat belt, instantly suck out of the plane of the board.

The pilots immediately tried to go down to security 3 000 kilometers, since a limited supply of oxygen masks. Passengers will gradually weaken and cease to be aware of what is happening around. Oxygen masks pilots are more advanced, because they need to always maintain the clarity of thought.


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