Everything has a reason: to know why you have something hurts

out why this or that body is bothering you, and understand yourself. The human body - a wonderful system in which all svyazano.1. Parent bolEsli you are constantly under stress and experiencing serious congestion - do not be surprised that you have a headache. The best way to win a headache - to engage in relaxing practices, such as meditation or yoga. Dr. Christian Peterson insists that it is necessary to monitor the emotional state of harmony, and headache otstupit.

2. SheyaChelovek who can not forgive himself for something, complains of pain in the neck. Guilt paralyze this place, from the self-blame and remorse must be disposed of promptly. For neck pain has passed, we must learn to accept the world as it is, in all its forms. Lori D'Askenzo, doctor-chiropractor-kinesiologist, recommends forgiving yourself and others - it will benefit your samochuvstviyu.

3. PlechiHiropraktik Kitson Ross explains that the shoulders - the zone where the responsibility lies and caring accompanying person. The best remedy for the pain in his shoulders - to share the burden of care from loved ones, stop all pull on sebe.

4. Pain in the upper spinyEta zone is responsible for love, its reception or return. Ronda Degast coach and practices in the self-development, believes that the pain at this point it's time to take your relationship with the people to try to put in the balance of energy exchange. Receive love and give it needed ravnomerno.

5. PoyasnitsaNizhnyaya back is responsible for financial affairs, so if you are dissatisfied with their financial situation, do not be surprised that the lower back often aches. Dr. Mark W. Tong warned that if money does not give you no rest day or night, you do not earn much or very much you spend, it is fraught with serious health problems. Try to reasonably establish its relationship with dengami.

6. LoktiAlan Vogel in the journal "Psychology Today" states that the elbow - a reflection of how tough you are with the outside world. Kindly go to compromise, and this area will not you bolet.

7. RukiCherez hand occurs most interactions with the outside world. Lori D'Askenzo claims that the pain in his hand indicates a lack of communication with people or overabundance. Total should be in moderation, remember etom.

8. BedraBedra responsible for moving forward into the future, I'm sure the chiropractor Barbara Clark. Do not be afraid of change, look into the eyes of those events that are waiting for you, and pain in the hips will not disturb you. Be flexible and open to all new - the key to good mental and physical zdorovya.

9. KoleniKoleni indicate problems with self-esteem. If a person is unfairly belittles herself or exalt his ego over another, trouble with his knees he did not escape. Michel Laurence, a specialist in non-traditional oriental medicine, offers to treat yourself with humor and love your ego.

10. The gastrocnemius myshtsaObidy and envy are concentrated in this place. Dr. Laura Perry advises to abandon the experience of negative emotions and live with peace in the soul, then no muscle tension will not deliver you diskomfort.

11. LodyzhkiUdovolstviya win the pain! Ankle - a case in point. Pain in the body indicates that you are not able to relax and enjoy the moment. Julie Douglas, author of many books on self-knowledge, recommends to deprive themselves of deserved awards and enjoy to the maximum zhizni.

12. StopyEsli you sore feet, it's time to learn how to let go of negativity and problems cease to dwell on the bad. The psychologist from California Adaobi Anidzhey believes that it is necessary to appreciate every little thing positive and serious problems to pay attention a little less, and they rastvoryatsya.


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