Coin copy Chongqing

Chinese artist Hye Peytsi (He Peixi) used about fifty thousand coins, and a mountain of agates to create a replica (the most accurate copy of the) city of Chongqing on a smaller scale.

All that is necessary to the author, it is a mountain of coins and small agates, as well as traditional chopsticks. Well, of course, a panoramic photo on which this and create a small copy. In total, Xe Peytsi (He Peixi) used eleven types of coins, some of which have long been withdrawn from circulation. Master spent two hours every day for a long period. And he basically did not use glue, as prohibited by law in China defacing banknotes or coins. This is not the first such project for the Chinese. Last year, he spent ten days on the creation of a copy of "TitanicĀ».


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