It is finished! Tesla unveiled the battery system for homes, businesses and the world

The company Tesla, as planned, battery system introduced Tesla Energy , which can work at home and in the office and in the company . This presents two different types of systems: Powerwall and Powerpack
With regard to the Powerwall , the company has released two models of 10 kW ($ 3,500) and 7 kW ($ 3,000). System dimensions are approximately one meter on, with a thickness of about 18 centimeters. Powerwall comes with support for home heating control and the ability to control the Internet. Charge the battery can either solar panel or wind generator (if installed), or from a stationary source of electricity.

What can the installation of such a system at home? There are several options. The first - the accumulation of 15 kWh of energy from renewable sources (if any) that allows you to store excess energy and not give it to the network (for which energy companies sometimes pay, sometimes not). In addition, the battery system can be recharged in the hours when energy is cheapest, and use this energy when the energy company supplying its maximum price.

Harness the energy with Powerwall, Tesla's Home Battery. #TeslaEnergy http: // t. co / N4yjJ1HETU - Tesla Motors (TeslaMotors) 1 May 2015 blockquote>
Features Powerwall

Mounting: wall in the building or on the street; Inventors: compatibility with a large number of systems; Energy: 7 kWh or 10 kWh < / Average 2 kW The peak of 3 kW Voltage: 350 - 450; Current: Nominal 5 A peak 8.5 A; Operating temperature: from minus 20 to plus 43 The guarantee: 10 years Weight: 100 kg Dimensions: 1300 mm * 860 mm * 180 mm
 The average American household consumes 30 kWh of energy per day, which means that you can ensure the right amount of energy at peak time and when the energy is most precious. The system is and UPS, allowing electricity to your home or office is, even when the local energy infrastructure is having problems.

If alternative sources of energy your home with an established system Powerwall can make a fully autonomous, independent from a stationary grid.

Powerpack - a "big brother» Powerwall, a system that is designed for businesses. This system can be scaled, and even work in large enterprises. Thus, 100 kW units can be combined in a system of 500 kW to 10 MW.

At the presentation of the new systems and the Elon Musk mentioned "Gigafabriku accumulators", which will produce 50 million kWh batteries per year by 2020. According to the mask, 160 million Powerpacks enough to power the entire United States, and 2 billion of these systems will be enough for the whole world.

System Powerwall passed various tests, working "in the field", the system has received some customers. Sales begin in the summer. With regard to the Powerpack, it will start accepting orders Tesla later this year, active as sales begin with the commissioning of "Gigafabriki."

It will be recalled that earlier in the invitation Tesla posted a photo of the object, and wrote that the meeting will be presented to "missing part". On Geektimes speculated that it may be even a smartphone , or some special glass for electric Tesla.

Earlier it was reported that the price system in $ 3,000 - the cost of the lease for 10 years. Cost of Powerwall is about $ 13,000, but Tesla has decided to make an initial payment of $ 1,500, followed by breaking up payments for 10 years, with a monthly payment of $ 15. Part of the cost of the system will be compensated by energy companies who support the idea of ​​universal introduction of storage systems that can reduce peak loads on the energy infrastructure of cities and regions.



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