Electronic market in Shenzhen HuaQiangBei

You can not, traveling to China, do not go to the electronic markets. This is simply inexcusable. And, certainly, if you went here before the road you've got thousands of orders already on the different techniques, watches, smart phones etc.

In the center of SHZH - half an hour walk from the tower KK100 is the most famous in the southern part of China's electronics store - Huachinbey. In fact it is a few blocks from all sorts of equipment and parts.

Do you want to experience China? Like a bargain? Love the noisy and crowded places with endless throng? Then you here.

At this point, you realize why China ahead of the rest. Here you can buy everything that you go. I assume that somewhere in the cellars sold even uranium rods.

Printed circuit boards, transistors, resistors, power supplies, LEDs, rectifiers, capacitors, microprocessors, memory cards, radiators, camera - all this entire floors. Ready-made solutions entire neighborhoods.

This is a stack of cards, not cardboard i>

And no one thinks it shameful to bring to mind the goods on the spot: something otkolupyvayut something prikolupyvayut, packed and even dopaivayut.

Girl solder something PCB i>.

But even such a work can not prevent a child. Cry babies, children whimsical voice you expect to hear in the market, a large shopping center, but not in the electronic market.
And then the kindergarten, sometimes rolling in a manger.

I can not imagine how the kids kept here so long. Even if this is not the whole day. I>

In the four weeks that I spent in China, I realized that a lot of children and their parents always carry with them everywhere. On the streets, in shops, in places of recreation is always a lot of children. Yes, what can we say, on the Great Wall of China at the hands of the parents I have seen dozens of them - smaller than the other.
This is partly due to the fact that in China the parents really care of her children is much stronger than in Russia, for example. Under the watch over, here it is necessary to bear in mind, perhaps engaged.
But a more likely reason is that they are just a lot, and it is striking. Yes, and the law prohibiting have more than one child is now much weakened - and it is logical, otherwise the nation will begin to age much.

But I digress.
Two huge buildings devoted to video surveillance, where you will find what you wish for every taste. I can not imagine how they survive in the same area selling the same thing.

Showcases all stores look about the same. I>

Incidentally, I also found what he was looking for - a peephole camera with the ability to shoot in the dark, with motion detection and GSM module for sending MMS or make calls when someone came.

On the streets of a bunch of brand shops: EPL, Huawei, Lenovo, MI.

But the price of branded equipment in China is now so comparable with Russian, you need to think twice before buying here.

And still need to be very careful - they are all fake amazing. Fall easier than what we did with the guys.

Our whole gang suddenly decided to buy a paurbanki - in Russian, wearable batteries with USB-output. And sank on MI. I was there for the company - I like how they have been unnecessarily.

There would digress to make it clear what the band and what we do in Shenzhen.
The fact that one notorious company gathered in one place 20 best engineers from all over the earth to save the planet.
Just kidding, are not the best - just engineers and easy to apply. But the guys really were from all over the world: Russia, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Nigeria, Algeria, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. About this amazing event I wrote before in my blog .
And the infamous company in Shenzhen (as well as in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian) the whole city, which also won the individual narrative .
 But when our Austro-Kenyan comrade very cleverly brought down the price from the seller, who did not want to move, I surreptitiously took him one too.

Just look at these tricky narrow eyes i>.

And we took at branded stores MI. All logos, clothing sellers, shop windows, packaging, luxury cabin, if you can call it that - in line with the brand. Just 10 minutes later, we decided to go to another brand store of the same brand, where we were very accessible painted that we circled around her finger and sold fake. The difference between these two salons was minimal.

Girl-seller told us one very clever thing: «On Huachinbey all sell copies ... but us»

Absolutely amazing fact - this is the official store sells copies and 10 yuan cheaper than the counter, which stands directly in front of the entrance. And contrary to 4 meters obvious copies sold for a pittance - 50 yuan cheaper - almost 3 times.

So if we are to take something in this market, either not branded items, or deliberately copy.

I bought it for myself external speaker Bose. It is very cool, except LEDs played so much that I just do not hear the difference. Brought down the price in half.
I will go to the repair time, on the background music when I'm her daughter to read books, and get-togethers in the fresh air.

Bought more memory card to 32 GB for 33 yuan. These things do not take one at a time, so it was hard to throw) But I'm about 30% reduced. Then the truth realized that it was necessary to take at least three things in order to feel the benefits. And took another 8 GB for 9 yuan just in case.

It is necessary to haggle. Even if you do not like. Throw of 20-30% can almost always, if we talk about the piece goods. And usually half the price you can dotorgovalsya. The seller wants to sell himself. If he is not satisfied with the price that you call - move on. If it was adequate, it will catch up and stop you. If not, look at another vendor - it all depends on his greed. One and the same product may vary very well.
That's my speaker - I just asked the price, then to compare. But it was not fated to leave. The starting price was 150 yuan.

- Tell your price, laovaev - says a Chinese woman in years, laughing gaily.
I scored 60 on a calculator - that she realized that I was not going to buy.
- Mey, Mey - her eyes widened considerably.
- Schesche - and with peace of mind I'm going to depart.
- 80 - gaining it on the calculator.
Painful process of internal struggle - 70 - I'm writing it.
- By hand, laovaev!

And here's another example: one of our gang bought quadrocopter (they call them drones, by the way). He dotorgovalsya to 150 yuan, while everywhere else it costs about 350. So, think what margin they wind. They can laugh, can turn away and say that there is, at this price it will not be sold, they can even touch your head to pretend that burned his hand and ask overheated if the owner of the head. And then catch up and offer good value for money.

And yes, after you bought something, do not ask in the other places, if you can not laugh at themselves.

As you have noticed, probably a universal tool of trade - calculator. Rarely a seller does not have it and attempts to describe the price on the fingers. I even admit that this is the only purpose of the calculator on the market.

agonizing process of knocking down the price. I>

Guys buy more samopalki (or as they call them, monopods), bulbs for external battery (I myself also took a couple of 5 yuan), some clothes, lighters.

My last purchase of the same steel watches - Omega Seamaster - order another. Watch shops not so much, or rather, like, one. And he, like so many on Huachinbey, closes at 6 pm.

On kilometers windows are only little-known Chinese brands - Curren, S-Shock, Simax - I know them only because the wool market when choosing the clock itself. This is a clock that is sooo like any brand, but differ in name and quality, and thus the price.

For interest - it Curren and S-Shock:

But as soon as you step some invisible line in front of you from all sides, like a wonderful magic tablecloth begin to reveal catalogs with images Tissot, Orient, Omega, caskets with expensive watches. Know only manage to turn away from the blinding flashes then right, then left.

Well, when you know what to look for - just show pictures and ask - if they have any. Usually there. Some worker climbs under the counter or runs into the cave of Ali Baba and brings out an unattractive bag from which pours a mountain of copies.

By the way my Omega replica was really high quality: they are fully automatic (I even checked), they are heavy and they go. Price really bites - 380 yuan, and the customer does not set a condition I have found more than 200 270, which could lose up to 200, but it was so obvious fake that I myself would not forgive such a purchase.

As a result, managed to bring down to 255 here - and that is not bad. Will present another means - he's a great man.

Watches should be checked - on chips and scratches, the fact that they generally go and how many days in the month. It's funny, but in a few instances, which we checked, it was 40 days.

Hope that they will work in the middle of the dials is not necessary. As a minimum, they will not show that in the original.

Some buttons can be faked, some functions do not work. When asked why so or why it should be only one answer - "it was in the original, we just repeat».

Next to the expensive-looking branded boutiques are located and such disintegrated packaging materials.

A little further on a huge basement full of covers, briefcases, bumpers, plugs under the jack 3, 5, protective films, flash drives, SD-cards. In the same way - you can bargain. The truth in such places the account goes on not one, but usually hundreds. So my Chinese friend - an aspiring businessman - bought a thirty bumpers to 6 yuan, and intends to sell them in his shop in the provincial town of 40-50.

What I like in all of China (although I was not so much where) - so it's a love of nature. Even in a market where it would seem there is no room for such sentimental things in the middle of the roadway nice little flowers grow.

The whole philosophy of the Eastern world - to live in harmony with nature - this says Buddhism, this says Chinese medicine, this is also indicated by the amount of greenery on the balconies of apartment buildings.
But does not smell there a bit of hypocrisy, if we recall could Beijing, Shenzhen plants or boutiques Guangzhou?

Shops in buildings close at 6 pm, and the people on the street crowds until late at night.

We went there at nine o'clock, and taxi drivers only started their hunt for a fast ride lovers.

This whole China at the moment. Amazing country, which has adapted throughout to the pace of modern life and the amazing people who while maintaining their traditions.

KK100 - the highest skyscraper currently Shenzhen (442 meters). 30 minutes is on the market, if you walk briskly i>.

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