Valve economist became the Minister of Finance of Greece

About three years ago, Valve hired economist Yanis Varufakisa to analyze and improve the performance Steam Market. As far as we can judge, the economist could help the company - Valve indicators are improving from year to year. Now Janis career, and so successful, went steeply uphill: he was appointed to министром Greek Finance .

In this country, as you know, for many years now raging economic crisis, with huge amounts of money invested in the economy of Greece, the European Union, not yet brought tangible results. Now Janis Varufakisu will manifest itself in the role of a crisis manager - the situation in the country is getting worse.

An interesting look at the Janis corporate economy and culture. Recently, he wrote that the company can be compared with oases planning and discipline in the midst of a huge market space.

Janis Varufakisu, after his appointment as Minister of Finance, must resign from the previous place of work, only then he will be able to fully operate as a high-ranking official. New Greek authorities promise to citizens to improve living conditions, renewal of social programs and in general, all sorts of benefits.

As for hiring Varufakisa work , then Gabe Newell sent the invitation after notice Varufakisa article in his own blog. There Economists talk about the strangeness of combining such diverse economies, like Germany and Greece.



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