The new 3D-controller «Flow» to replace the mouse

Startup Senic trying to change our understanding of the control of the computer. Instead, they propose to use the mouse unusual new controller Flow. It can track four types of manipulation: press (like a button), located around a cylindrical rotating "belt" made of metal (such as volume control), it has touch-sensitive surface, and the most interesting - with an infrared sensor it monitors the hand gestures, located in the air on the controller. The developers offer an open system for which everyone can create what he feels necessary.

Startup organized краудфандинг Platform Indiegogo, and have been successfully assembled in three times the original amount of $ 50,000 - and to the end of the campaign, five more days. Baker proposed device for $ 99 (retail sell Flow startup plans for $ 150). First of all, the device is positioned as a more convenient and precise replacement of the mouse in the graphic editors.

The device works on the protocol Bluetooth, has a removable battery that should last up to 4 months. Dimensions: 70 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height.

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