Constant use of smartphone alters brain regions associated with fingers

Scientists from the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology investigated , as the continued use of smart phones affect the brain . It is known that the human body and his brain is constantly adapting to the stresses resulting from the different types of activities and the use of different instruments. Thus, the cortex of violinists who are responsible for fingertip sensitivity, developed much more than ordinary people.

After studying the electroencephalogram 37 people, 26 of whom always used smartphones, and 11 - the old push-button phones, found a correlation between the intensity of use of the smartphone and the activity of brain regions associated with the thumb, index and middle fingers. The strong correlation expressed thumb.

Increased activity of these cortical areas is highly dependent on the regular use of a smartphone - the more people used it in the last ten days, the higher the activity. Long-term experience with touch screen plays a lesser role. This smartphone users differ from the Violin - musicians dependence is stronger, than at an earlier age they started playing. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most of the people who participated in the study, for the first time took up the smartphone as adults, whereas the violin begin to teach a child.

In the longer term, more perhaps even securing this effect in the genes. Once the hand and brain of our ancestors formed under the strong influence of the first stone tools. It is possible that through many generations in our DNA just postponed the impact of computers and wearable electronics.



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