GAZ M20 Pobeda

The news sent Dёmyshev Andrew, for which he thanks a lot :) Next Fisnka text author.

Actually the car GAZ M20 "Victory" 1949 release.
Immediately reservations - at the start of the project has not been done in the slightest sight to "restore the original 100%." Rather make the car "pm Weekend", which warmed the soul to the host, especially liked him, served as a kind eye stopper'om.
Example - the car motor home (a month ago with the preservation of printed, freed from metal tags and wooden plugs found miraculously - already after one of the available undergone thorough. Repair and there is another "much b / y"), but with many innovations under the hood - modern candles and BB wires, power brakes, had no place in the original, "modernized" the engine cooling system, washing glasses, etc. Salon is made anew and to order (the ceiling, seats, carpet floor).
There also otnesёm and color "metallic", drawing in the form of a coat of arms of the Soviet Union on the bonnet, alloy wheels and modern tires, mirrors and even a lot more.
In the course of the life of the car, he will still be subjected to "licking", improving style (perhaps a removable disk, mirrors, etc.). But - while driving and very eye-catching instance there now (until stopped to shoot ten shots - came with questions 7-8 people, many passers-by began to take pictures on their cameras and camera phones - so there is interest and pedestrians suddenly interested and audience) .
Spread pictures - just share - that is interesting automotive topics in our city - for example. There are also painted at us GAZ 21 "Volga" (several pieces), GAZ-13 "Chaika", etc. Machines of a bygone era and now defunct country.

In a short time we start a project to restore the requirements of the host - GAZ-22 "Volga" - wagon aka "ambulance". On the approach and restore the GAZ-21 "for himself" - there are car and car-donor.

The project is implemented by the body AUTOCOMPLEX "Ilsur Auto" UR, Izhevsk


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