The double life of people with mental illness

Project participants, who, like Liz, are struggling with mental illness and who have agreed to tell the world about yourself, the author made two photos.

One photograph (right), you can see how a patient with bipolar disorder looks when coming out of his house to the outside world, and so I would like to be perceived by other people. And on the second (left) - is the real life they lead behind the closed doors of their homes.

Liz when he comes home, takes an elegant dress, dresses in a tracksuit and sits with her cat and a glass on a sofa. It can sit for a few hours. One day, she thought that there are many people like her and that she should show the world what it looks like their real life.

So the idea to create a project that shows the difficult double life of people with bipolar disorder. She showed not one but "two lives": official - show, and this - hidden behind closed doors.

After Liz Obert psychiatrist diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it is constantly taking medication. However, she said, that's not really helping her avoid the "double life".

"We need to constantly mask the symptoms of the disease to function in the outside world," - says Liz.

In 2013, when she began her project, Liz knew more than anyone else, which is not easy to tell the world about his illness. She began with himself and showed his "double life" to serve as an example for other people who suffer from the same disease. While in its draft agreed to participate 14 people.

"I, as a person who suffers from bipolar disorder, leading a double life. I have two personalities: one that people see every day, and second, I'm open, "- says the author of the" Duality ».

"Many people who suffer from bipolar disorder, do just as well as I do - lead a double life. I decided to show it in the photos "- adds Liz.

In the "duality» («» Dualities ») each member of the project under his picture Write a little about yourself and your own personal experience.

"I hope that this project will help remove the stigma that is felt by the people, patients with bipolar affective disorder" - summed Liz.

5, 7 million American adults are living with a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder and almost 14, 8 million people suffer from depression. Among the celebrities about their struggle with bipolar disorder have told the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rene Russo.


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