NASA will receive more money from the US government than planned

The total budget for NASA for the next year is impressive - the agency receives US $ 18 billion on their needs . At the same time, thanks to the new law, NASA receives 364 million dollars more than expected recently (and 500 million more than expected in March).

The budget for scientific missions already reaches 5, US $ 24 billion, of which the budget 1, $ 44 billion unit departs Planetary Sciences. The new law brings the minimum size of the budget of the mission of studying in Europe (Jupiter's moon) to 100 million US dollars. Increase in the budget of the mission does not require the reduction of the budget other missions and units that can not but rejoice specialists NASA.

Division NASA, which is engaged in spaceships, gets about 2, 9 billion dollars from the budget. Astrophysics get 1, 33 billion, that is 70 million more than requested earlier. The money will be used to serve Flying reactive Observatory NASA (SOFIA) . This laboratory is a modified Boeing 747 with an infrared telescope.

As you can see, at the NASA budget is very large, and it can not but rejoice. After all, the agency plans to do a lot, and much has already been done. Ahead - mission to an asteroid , transporting it into lunar orbit to study the asteroid and a manned mission to Mars. But all of this is yet to come, we can only wait.

And by the way, is not always space missions require huge funds. Same India sent its own орбитальный apparatus to Mars , and on the development of device, carrier, start the machine took only 75 million US dollars. It is even less than the budget of the average Hollywood boevichka with stars.



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