Replaced vetropropelleram come "Wind trees"?

Paris NewWind startup plans to radically change the scope of its development of wind energy in the form of a tree, which with the help of "leaves" can generate electricity from even the slightest air currents.

Eight-meter "tree" is a steel "trunk" with dozens of "branches", which has more than a hundred are made of plastic "leaves┬╗.

Founder NewWind Jerome Michaud-Larive, who coined the tree-power, plans to market his invention in the following year.

"This idea came to me in the yard when I saw the leaves tremble, when the street was not the slightest breeze. And if you use the energy of the strong wind, storm, or even earthquakes? "- Said the inventor, who was then logical to conclude that if the energy is taken from somewhere, nothing will prevent it from being converted to watts.

The prototype of the tree already exists and generates electricity. Some time ago he was "planted" in the Telecom City Pleumeur-Bodou in Brittany. In contrast to the wind in the form of huge propellers that Europeans often criticized for its appearance, "windy tree" is aesthetically attractive and almost silently, as rustles his plastic "leaves" only a strong wind.

Wood has the generated power to 3 kW 1, depending on the wind speed. The figure is not impressive - General Electric currently sells turbine power reaching 4, one megawatt is greater than 1000 times. However, when this tree is needed for the entire wind speed of 7, 25 km / h, which means that it can generate power at least twice the number of days per year than a full-size turbine.

In an interview with Microsoft's popular blog in French at the beginning of this year, Michaud-Larive told how his tree leaves act as small wind turbines.

"Our Microgenerators provide electricity production almost throughout the year with the production threshold wind speed of 2 m / s. "Tree" can function smoothly about 320 days a year, and such indicators so far no one has reached ┬╗.

The costs for this are not so high. One such tree is worth about 29 thousand euros and pays for itself in two years, even if the wind all the time does not exceed 3, 5 m / s.

Michaud-Larive sees the commercial success of his creation, including in the collective use. The owner may not necessarily be the one tree you can "plant" and on the roof of an apartment building. In addition, development is best suited, for example, to power streetlights or charging stations for electric vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular in Europe every year.

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