Earth through the eyes of a satellite

I present to you some amazing pictures from space that show the geographical features of the Earth and the unpredictability of nature.
Coast of Sri Lanka, 26.12.2004.
Ocean quickly moves back to 400 m. In the south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka - in just 5 minutes before the devastating tsunami.
Rushing water beating against the shore - just a few moments before hitting the main wall of water.

Alluvial fan, Province of Xinjiang, China This photo taken 02/05/2002, shows a fan alluvial deposits formed on the southern border of the Chinese desert Taklimakan. Normally, such a fan is formed when water is drained out of the canyon, and each new stream eventually becomes clogged due to sludge. As a result, a triangle of active and inactive channels. Blue channels on the left - are active.

Retreating glaciers in the Bhutan Himalayas. Beautiful and clear evidence that glaciers slowly melting due to global warming. Easily distinguishable edge of glacial valleys, into water, and forming a lake - a trend was noticed only in the past few decades.

Cyclone Isabella, 2003 Appalling Photo cyclone Isabella received from the International Space Station in 2003, demonstrates the enormous size of his eyes. This was the strongest cyclone in 2003, it reached a speed of 165 miles / hour (~ 265 km / h).


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