With a decade, Firefox!

Rebellion against the Empire
In 2004 it seemed that Microsoft will capture the browser market for long. Then there was an open and practical browser called Firefox. And the web forever ceased to be the same.

Almost exactly ten years ago Ognelis officially began its existence. He is interested in many, especially with version 1.0 (which is, incidentally, quite a long time is not produced, since the developer said: "1.0 will be released only when we are sure"). In the style of Mozilla, Firefox developers spreading code of the product so that everyone can learn and improve it. After the release there were millions of proposals to improve the program, since it is an integral part of the Internet user.

In just a couple of years before this event, in 2002 and 2003, few people had heard of an organization such as Mozilla. And I was no exception.

Prior to launching Firefox Mozilla was known only as the crazy non-profit company. This small group of hackers known as Mozillians, looked for such a project, which no one thought and did not realize that he really needed it. No one knew that they would make it does. All use IE, which is embedded in Microsoft Windows by default. In 2004, Internet Explorer was set at 95% of the computers in the world.

Yes, I am ready to repeat itself, as this figure seems impossible at the moment. 95 percent!

WTF? What happened ?!

IE actually colonized the entire Internet. Microsoft later try to get everyone to work with Silverlight, development tools. (If I was younger, it probably would have left some snarky comment, but let it be the exercise for you, the reader.)

Development of web-based technology has stalled. Microsoft completed it, and all the innovations have sunk into the abyss.

And then there was Firefox. He waited.

Firefox has come to us not just as a breakthrough or the next project Mozilla. Mozilla has created a set of tools, including e-mail client. Even Mozillians not without creating a browser that is not included something extra. But it is not our decision.

In the first month after the release of millions of people have found Firefox and started using only his. In our 2013 we can say that a million - not such a big number, considering the number of users and the number of devices, but then it was a very successful start.

Along with Fox, is rapidly gaining the number of downloads, and Firebug, an extension for web development, internet began to revive.

The fact that a month ago, everyone thought the Internet dying seemed to all be true, but things have changed. Yesterday's truth has become today's stupidity.

A group of developers tried to attack 95% of the browser market, has become a great. It was praised for the fact that she ventured to solve the problem of the dates at the right time.

And thank them for that. They revived the internet.

Mozilla has opened for us a new network, and especially the era of mobile devices, so popular in 2014. This organization took away the palm Microsoft (Firefox is already used on devices over a billion people). The emergence of such a browser-based developers, meant that the web can come useful new services such Delicio.us and StumbleUpon, as well as Gmail and Pandora. It is also a story about the success of a small group of programmers, who overcame a large corporation, many times most of them.

Work group Mozillians, which strives to constantly produce new Firefox all these 10 years, so much has changed for many. It has slightly opened the curtain of modern technology.

Recently I saw a group of targets Mozilla. They are impressive. For me great joy is that this once small organization remains committed to helping people make the web just for them, to fight for their privacy. I hope that their noble mission will last a long time.

Happy Birthday, Firefox! I congratulate all those who played a role in the Mozilla Foundation, all these 10 years. Ahead of us is still a great many problems. So to hold!

Once again, thank ilusha_sergeevich

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