10 biggest machinery in the world

1. Buck - Large Hadron Collider.
Charged particle accelerators. Huge toy for physics acceleration and collision of protons and heavy ions (mainly lead) and learning outcomes of their collisions. The length of the outer ring of almost 27 km.

2. Soviet nuclear submarine "Akula" (Typhoon) of the largest ever existed on the planet submarines.
The length of the submarine - 172, 8 m. Width - 23 m 3. Time Autonomous stay under water 4 months.

3. The largest radio telescope in the world.
Aresibskaya Observatory in Puerto Rico. The diameter of the ring it is 304, 8 m

4. Huge Excavator Bagger 288
Bucket wheel excavator is designed to develop the rocks. Has a length of 240 meters and a height of about 100. Equipped with 12 tracks and 4 meters wide each. Movement speed of 1 km per hour. Inside equipped cabin with San nodes, kitchen, bedroom, warehouses and garages for cars. Weight 45 000 tonnes.

5. The company Wartsila has submitted the most powerful diesel engine for ships Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C.
Weight is only one engine is 2300 tons. Its height of almost 14 meters and a length of 27 meters. Its power is equal to 109 000 horsepower (compared to the largest rail tractor). Fuel consumption - 6300 liters per hour (!!!)

6. Knock Nevis - the largest cargo ship on the planet.
Knock Nevis has enormous long - almost half a kilometer (466 meters) and a width of 70 meters. Carrying capacity of the conveyor - 565 thous. Tons (565 million lbs.) At the maximum drawdown workload is 24, 5 meters. Braking distance of about 10 km (!!!).

7. The largest dump truck Liebherr-T282B
The Eighth Wonder of the World. It is so called Liebherr-T282B during the premiere, at the construction fair in Germany. 363 tons. More cargo than Liebherr-T282B is not yet able to take on board any truck in the world.

8. Panzerkampfwagen VIII «Maus» (Porsche 205) - the Most large tank on the planet.
It was built only two copies of the machine. In the fighting did not participate. At the moment, the world was saved only one instance of the tank Maus (rebuilt from drawings), in the Museum of Armored Kubinka it weighs 200 tons, length - 10, 1 m, width 3, 67 m, height 3.63 m.

9. AN-225 "Mriya" largest aircraft to date.
This transport aircraft, extra high capacity. Carried weight up to 250 tons, the length of the aircraft - 84 meters, height - 18.1 meters, wingspan - 88, 4 meters.

10. Crane "Taysun" in one of the Chinese ports.
This faucet is designed for unloading ships. He has enormous carrying capacity - more than 20 thousand. Tonnes (20 million kg). He can lift to a height of over 30 meters entire barge.


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