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Stalin is credited with the phrase: "The death of one man - a tragedy, the death of millions - statistics." What he really said so, historically has not been confirmed, but here's a fact: we often do poorly understand the importance of large numbers, the same millions, billions and trillions. In many cases, they still remain for us by some abstract values.

But there is a way to change that. Amazing effect gives visualization. Instead of counting the zeros and figure out how much it is, we are able to literally see large numbers. In this case - to fully appreciate the amount that each year we extract from the earth.

Site Visual Capitalist portrayed 8 essential minerals in the form of bulk cubes and put to compare to the real urban landscapes or nearby landmarks.

Cube produced for the year of platinum, for example, received only something the size of a car. A "oil" cube whose faces are stretched for miles, could block the entire neighborhoods of the largest cities.
Under the cut 8 comparisons with cubes via

In addition, the authors have calculated the cost of each visualization cube. Amazingly, the amount of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc.) came out much less than on iron or oil. On the one hand, reflects the rarity of the precious metals, and on the other, shows that their markets compared to other not as great as we thought.

1. Platinum

Over 2013 were produced 179 tons. A cube with edge length of 2 03 meters and cost $ 8 billion. Compare with the sculpture "David" by Michelangelo in the Accademia Gallery in Florence:

2. Gold

About 3 thousand tons of 2013. Stomost - $ 125 billion. Here is how would look cube of pure gold at the intersection of Paris Avenue:

3. Silver

25, 5 thousand tons, 16 billion dollars. Virtual cube on the Bund:

4. Uranium

62, 2000 tons, 2, 5 billion dollars. "Uranium cube" really looks like a toy on a background nedostoroennoy (!) Nuclear power plant in Bellfonte, Alabama:

5. Nickel

1, 9 million tons, rate - 33, 5 billion. Dimensions are comparable with the Sydney Opera House:

6. Copper

18 million tons produced in 2013, worth $ 120 billion in the form of a cube can compete with the Reichstag:

7. Iron

Almost 3 billion tons worth 295 billion dollars. This cube would take a good portion of Pittsburgh:

8. Oil

And that's what the world produces in most gromandnyh Quantity: 4, 3 billion tons in 2013 for $ 3, $ 2 trillion! Skyscrapers Houston in Texas - a trifle compared with the giant cube "black goldĀ»:


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