China has developed the world's most accurate face recognition system and build on its basis the payment system

Researchers Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a system of face recognition, which is able to detect the right person in the crowd with up to 99, 8%. The system recognizes a person with 91 different angles. The previous record of accuracy in the face recognition was at 97, 6% and belonged to the American system.

Tests confirmed that the program is even able to find the differences between identical twins, heavily made-up faces to recognize and identify a person, tightly wrapped in clothes. This technology not only detects faces almost with absolute accuracy, but it also makes it very fast, it would be useful to the police in the case of prosecutions in criminal crowd.

Chinese technology will be in the form of an application for tablets as a new payment system and will consist of the above perfect computer algorithm face recognition and special POS-terminals. The details have not been disclosed.

For automatic identification of subscribers will use the video. In total, the implementation of the payment will take approximately 6 seconds.

The system will "capture" the user's face the mobile unit, and then a computer algorithm begins to reconcile it with the previously created database of reference images.

According to preliminary data, the system startup will take place in 2015.

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