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If you have a topic, you might remember the very Japanese cars that cost is inexpensive, and the buzz gave Nemer.

At the Moscow Motor Show Acura showed concept NSX - the heir of the legendary Honda NSX. The revival of the iconic Japanese supercar ever closer - the production version look forward to next year. But in the days of the first NSX existed not only with the price of cars and locomotive abilities space ships, but also quite affordable and gorgeous Japanese sports cars. These fantastic cars were objects of universal adoration. Their price tags were not as frightening as those more glamorous cousins, but they get up miracles on the road and gave the driver a lot of buzz.


Any Lancer or Land Cruiser are still being produced, and most of the most interesting Japanese sports cars of the recent past had died. And it's not fair. Here are seven of the Japanese sports car, which urgently needs to be restarted again and sell:

Honda S2000

Rear-wheel drive roadster Honda S2000 was produced from 1999 to 2009, and we want to see it on sale right now. He stood a wonderful 2-liter VTEC engine and six-speed manual gearbox. Rulilas car perfectly, and 245 hp enough for all.

The chances of a new S2000: average. It is rumored that Honda is preparing a "spiritual successor", although it is expected that it will be a coupe, not a roadster. Perhaps it will put 2, 0-liter turbocharged petrol engine from the new Civic Type-R. And perhaps, Honda again make a hybrid instead of a real sports car.

When: in 2017, if all goes well


Toyota MR2

Two seats, the engine installed in the base, rear-wheel drive, relatively affordable price and the honorary title of & quot; Ferrari for the poor & quot ;. Three generations of MR2 pleased us from 1984 to 2007, and all three were great cars.

The chances of a new MR2: none. Many believe Toyota FT86 successor to an old MR2, but a mid-layout last much steeper.

When: alas, never ...


Subaru SVX

Yes, there was such Amazing tachanka in the early '90s. The unusual design by Giugiaro, excellent aerodynamics (Cx = 0, 29) and, of course, 6-cylinder oppozitnik 3, 3 liters under the hood. Only here Subaru lost up to $ 3,000 on each car, and nearly drowned SVX company.

The chances of a new SVX: no. Such financial losses the company no longer endure.

When: never again ...


Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8 hit the market in 2003 as a successor to the two-door RX-7. Only the RX-8 came out great original for the world of sports cars: four doors instead of two, and the rear - swing! Four seats too. But the main feature - of course, the Wankel rotary engine capacity of 1, 3 liters. Abrupt engine and destroyed as a result of the RX-8 - it does not fit into the new environmental regulations in many countries.

The chances of a new RX-8: High. The Mazda already has a decision to return the coolest cars in the company's lineup, only the engine will be the usual, a series of SkyActiv.

When: forward in 2017


Mitsubishi 3000GT

At Mitsubishi at the end of the last century was also a decent sports car - in the States it bought up as Christmas cookies. Fun. Large compartment with a 2 + 2 is released with multiple engines. The youngest, 160-horsepower, making the price of a compartment accessible, and most powerful, 296-horsepower, created a model chic image.

The chances of a new 3000GT: absent. The company announced a course on the development of off-road vehicles and hybrids - 3000GT there, alas, is not the place.

When: Remember


Toyota Supra

Oh, by the way! Supra - speed is top of the lineup Toyota from 1978 to 2002, terribly popular in Japan and at the cash-strapped fans of supercars from around the world. All four generations have the right, that is rear-wheel drive and 6-cylinder dviateli. Fans adored steep 3, 0-liter twin-turbo. Even more loved tuners, gets up with Supra anything.

The chances of a new Supra: high. It would be a cool concept FT-1, shown at the beginning of the year. Like Toyota's all decided, and the green light to the project of the new Supra is already burning.

When: 2016


Lexus LFA

From 2010 to 2012, made only 500 copies. One Clarkson rolled in the tail and mane, simultaneously indicating that the Japanese supercar - "the best car in my life." Supercar uses 4, 8-liter V10 engine and a generous helping of carbon fiber reinforced polymer as materials for the body. We just could not not include it in the list - but we really want to build another Lexus LFA.

Chances for a new LFA: high. Our desire is already running. In 2012, at the Detroit Motor show concept Lexus LF-LC. It is possible that he will be the basis for the next generation LFA. Even a little less powerful and this mad.

When: One day ...


P.S. I apologize for the long topic - every post filled with more than a minute (((


P.S. I apologize for the long topic - every post poured more than a minute (((


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