Favorite pets top models

Dog - man's best friend obviously. The hottest top models had to prove it, posing with their furry pets for pictures in Instagram. Now it is clear what they do in the model breaks between filming for gloss and fashion shows - they are trained to work on camera their pets. Photogenic Doggie already learned how to pose, to show all its dignity along with their famous mistresses. So hot dozen four-legged pets is as follows:

Israeli beauty Bar Refaeli does not part with his Pucci, Hilary Rhoda and showing off her tiny chihuahua Chloe.

Rafael bar with his pet named Pucci

Hilary Rhoda with your pet named Chloe

Alana Zimmer and her pet

Ashley Hood with your pet

Drake Byurnett your pet

Anja Rubik your pet

Kate Upton with your pet

Miranda Kerr and Frankie

However, the Audience Award at this time goes to Yorkshire Terrier Floyd, favorite model Jessica Hart, who boasts its own profile on Instagram and this army of fans, through which the thousands.

Jessica Hart and her pet named Floyd


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