Alice Miller (Alyssa Miller) in a photo shoot for a special issue «Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013"

The American top model is the third year in a row it appears in the pages of the special annual issue of the magazine «Sports Illustrated Swimsuit». Sure, after watching photoset, you agree that the choice of wording is not accidental.

The material that you are look consists of two parts. At first, Alice Miller (Alyssa Miller) starred for the traditional issue «Sports Illustrated Swimsuit», which showed swimwear brands such as: Pistol Panties, OndadeMar, Vanda Catucci and others. Filming took place in Australia near the Great Barrier Reef. Photographed model known fashion photographer James Macari (James Macari). The second part is devoted to the material body-art. Painted Alice Joanne Gair (Joanne Gair), and photographed Shayning Stewart (Stewart Shining). The shooting took place in New York.


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