Wonderful Portuguese village

Leads there is quite twisty (though very good quality) road, which is called the "scenic route". With her magnificent views. These are:

Some photos of smoke due to the fact that the photograph had almost against the sun, and also it was very hot, almost 40 degrees and haze hung over the mountains.

The place is located in a valley between the mountains. Serpentine road goes right up to him. Slightly above the newly built hotel (piece can be seen on the right). Apparently, for those who want a break from the bustle of city life.

From a flat stone here done everything: houses, roads. Canopy over the door too ...

... And the rooftops ...

... And even road signs.

The only stucco building - the church.

Saturated traffic on city streets

Cozy courtyards.

There is even a rivulet.

River serious. And the bridge. Stone wall in the background - is a modern, expensive passes over it.

There is even a beach.

Still a little bit of the mountains.

Derenka is not dead. People live there. Seen even young people, however, do not know they are local residents, or refer to a vacation to grandmothers / grandfathers.



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