World secrets, over which still puzzled scientists

Graven image of Easter Island
So-called Moai, carved from a single stone, located on the perimeter of the coast. The average height of about 3-5 meters, weight - up to 5 tons, but there statues rise from 10 to 20 meters and a weight of over 10 tons (the largest presumably weighs from 145 to 270 tons). It is known that they have made in the quarries in the center of the island. But how natives 700 years ago, transported them to the coast?
According to legend, the statues "were themselves." A possible explanation for this was offered in 2012 by American scientists, saying that because the center of gravity and a rounded base, a huge heavy statue could be moved, swinging from side to side. According to other theories, they are dragged by means of ropes, logs, "sled" rail ... None of them, however, has still not received a clear confirmation.

Lost Amber Room
"For the mystery of Russian Amber Room - is like a UFO or the Bermuda Triangle for the residents of the West" - wrote one site ARTnews. The English Forbes corrected, not only for the Russian. With the fate of this masterpiece, disappeared without a trace at the end of the Great Patriotic War, it is associated "international mix" of politicians, directors, former Nazis, treasure hunters, historians, art historians and conspiracy theorists.
There are many versions of the disappearance and whereabouts of the Amber Room. According to some, it is destroyed, on the other - has survived. And while the scientific world struggles with solving this mystery, study fairytale finish was completely rebuilt from the Kaliningrad amber. Today, it is available for visiting the Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg.

Temple complex Gobekli Tepe
It is the oldest of the largest megalithic structures in the world located on the Armenian Plateau in Turkey. Concentric construction, monolithic stone columns, reliefs of wild animals ... Nobody would be surprised if the complex was built, say, 4000 years ago. But his age is not less than 12 thousand years! It is as much as 8000 years old ancient Stonehenge. And most importantly - it is impossible to understand how such a grand temple structure was built in the era of primitive hunter-gatherers?
Firstly, the work required for such a large number of people, a certain social hierarchy and division of labor. Second, religion itself was supposed to appear much later. Anyway, the excavation will take more than a dozen years, and perhaps shed light on the early history of mankind. In the meantime, there are more questions than answers.

"Bronze collapse»
In the late Bronze Age in the ancient Near East civilizations have developed rapidly and prospered. Mycenaeans ruled Greece, the Minoans on Crete, the Hittites in the territory of modern Turkey, controlled by the Canaanites, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan - what is now called the Holy Land. Kingdom grew, the order was placed, the technology progressed. But at the turn of 13-12 centuries BC everything has changed dramatically.
In just one generation, all these civilizations were either wiped out or driven back in their development for thousands of years ago. They have lost the script and traditions of their art, architecture and craft fell into disrepair. Large cities and states have collapsed and there was a period of "dark ages", is preceded by the Iron Age.
This transition historians call the catastrophe of the Bronze Age and are still wondering about its causes. Among the versions - raids so-called "Sea Peoples": various Mediterranean peoples. But they could conquer and destroy the civilization that were much more powerful, and on weapons ahead of them hundreds of years, and remains a mystery.

Antikythera Mechanism
This is a mechanical device, raised in the early 20th century sunken ship off the coast of ancient Greece, is in fact the oldest analog computing device, or, more simply, a computer. Antikythera mechanism was used to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, and was designed for 100-150 years before Christ. Other mechanisms such as the complexity and craftsmanship were only a thousand years later. Galileo was born in 1600 years. Isaac Newton - in 1700. What a mysterious and incredible genius could beat so all mankind?

Currency mine
In 1795, the Canadian Oak Island was discovered a very deep well is incredibly complex structure, in which, according to legend, the hidden treasures. The search lasted 220 years now. Gold has not yet been found, but also on other secrets Mine is breathtaking. Strange and weird icons on the walls, lateral drainage tunnels, stone at a depth of 27 meters with an encrypted inscription: "Even at 40 feet below on two million pounds" ... This is just a small part of that, according to the testimony, found inside.
Is there any a treasure? Who and what dug the mine? Or maybe it was originally a natural formation? For 200 years, the answer has not been found, and it is unknown whether found in the future.

Voynich Manuscript
Antiques-Wilfried Michael Voynich (husband of the famous writer, author of the novel "The Gadfly" Ethel Lilian Voynich) acquired this strange Illustrated Almanac 1912. At first glance the book seems to be the usual reference: 240 vellum pages with color drawings and diagrams are divided into six sections. But in what language it is written (if at all language), and that the meaning of these pictures - a big mystery. No professional interpreter or cryptography fans could not even get close to the meaning of the text (again, if it ever makes sense).
Only the partition you can guess by the form of drawings. "Botanical" contains images of plants (and still managed to identify only 37 out of 303). "Astronomy" - circular diagram with celestial bodies and zodiac constellations. "Biological" - images of bodies and ponds connected by a bizarre plumbing where some pipes take the form of the body. "Cosmological" - incomprehensible diagrams, including a "map" of some fabulous "islands". And then there's "pharmaceutical" and "retseptny" sections.
According to the analysis, the manuscript was created between 1404 and 1438 years. Its authorship is unknown, but judging by the steady and clear handwriting, mysterious "language" of the document was a familiar and understandable to the person or persons who wrote the text. Since all attempts to decipher it failed, was born the theory that the whole almanac - just a hoax. However, some scientists continue to insist that the manuscript is a semantic message.

Signal «Wow!»
The radio signal that Dr. Ayman registered Jerry August night in 1977 while working on the Telescope "Big Ear" and gave the note "Wow!» («Wow!»). Some consider it the first strong evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. What was so special in the signal? If to explain simply, it was received exactly on the frequency at which it is not confused with the noise and where it could be intercepted on the way. Apparently, he started from the constellation of Sagittarius, a distance of 120 light years from Earth.
Oddly, scientists have tried to catch the second signal, including the most sensitive radio telescopes, they did not succeed. Sam Ayman even suggested that it was a signal from Earth reflected from a piece of space debris, but his version convincingly refuted. According to another theory, the signal can come from a rotating source of radiation, such as a lighthouse, or could be sent from a moving inoplane




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