Videopost: supersonic tennis ball, AK-47 and hummingbirds

All with Friday! We have accumulated the second compilation of the various amazing videos. If you missed the first, we recommend available . Today we mainly crept video about these or other forms of physical strength and properties. And, of course, science and technology, too, did not remain deprived.

High-speed shooting and ball collision table tennis rackets. The ball has a supersonic velocity

Do not know about you, but we were stunned twice. The first time the ball (the ball ping-pong!) Broke a racquet, the second time - when he broke it all to hell. This is despite the negligible mass.

Looks like a shot from an AK-47 under water < br />
Amazingly beautiful and unusual shape trace. Pay attention to the distance traveled by the bullet, and its behavior in the final stage. So if you happen to see an Indian fighter (which in itself is a small tragedy), where the main character will shoot under water and mow down hordes of enemies, you will not believe it. While Bollywood remove such masterpieces that there is some underwater shooting looks like pale mole on their bright background.

At the same time here is a selection of high-speed shooting underwater shots with different cartridges with bullets, also very curious spectacle. You can start watching from 1 minute:

Sand and sound vibrations

A fascinating spectacle, as the sand is distributed on a metal surface. It's very simple, but it is rare to find such a visual confirmation of certain physical phenomena. If more drive such a stand in sound dampening box with transparent cover, would be very original kimatichesky coffee table. It is a pity not to hang on the wall.

Sky over Nebraska

Taymleps video cloud cover over the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Even seeing pieces of buildings, it is not hard to believe that it is "only" the cloud.

Visual magic geometry // video>

// video>

// video>

// video>

The author of these seemingly simple geometric designs, a child must have been a fan of cubes. But who of us it was not ... The boy grew up in his uncle and masterfully put science at the service of his passion. Very sound approach, respect.

Photocell // video>

Very unusual art installation, is used to create volume, three-dimensional image matrix and artificial smoke from dozens of round convex mirrors on the servo. On each mirror is directed small light source. Reflected rays are focused in different parts of the space, creating a glow due to the reflection from the particles of smoke.

Hummingbird wing aerodynamics

According to the results of a high-speed movie recording (1000 frames / sec) scientists have created a model created by turbulence during the flight of hummingbirds. This bird flaps its wings like an insect, doing about 40 strokes per second (!). In this case, the hummingbird is held in the air is not due to Bernoulli's equation, unlike airplanes and other birds. Instead, nectar eaters with insane speed "sweep" the air forward and downward. This experiment confirmed the assumption that about 75% of the lift force generated hummingbird wings while driving forward, and only the remaining quarter accounts for the movement of the wings back. But still remains a mystery, like a hummingbird manage to hang in the air and is doing a three-dimensional evolution in space.

The most realistic wave generator // video>

The University of Edinburgh have set round pool with a diameter of about 25 meters, which pumps around the perimeter of the elements create a wave of almost any configuration. As an example of the scope of this installation, you can look at the Japanese version, which is much more modest in size:

I wonder what swim in it on an air mattress when you under such a surge occurs.

Competitor sculptors

It was only a matter of time - the emergence of machines for the manufacture of three-dimensional pieces of stone. With metal work wonders, and stone worse? It seems that soon every talented 3D-modeler with access to such a machine will be able to compete with sculptors. Left to come up with a robot that the picture from Paint is paint in oils masterpieces.

And the bullets fly, bullets

Absolutely fascinating spectacle. Superspeed (1 million frames / sec) shooting collisions with obstacles of different bullets. And after all this is happening in an incredibly short space of time!



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