The most memorable weapons in games

Assault Rifle Lancer from Gears of War
Assault Rifle Lancer from Gears of War action was the service weapon of the Coalition of the United States. Thanks podstvol'nyy chainsaw it is ideal to sustain the long-range and melee.
Many players have found similarities Lancer with a chain sword from the Space Marines Warhammer 40 000. However, we believe that this rifle has been seen as a piece of scotch and favorite chainsaw of Doom.


Plasma Cutter from Dead Space
Plasma cutter - a new weapon of the proletariat in a horror game, Dead Space. Mining tool for cutting rocks, and has proven itself as a tool of melee.
The protagonist is a cutter at the beginning of the game on the table - just under the scheme with the symbolic inscription "Cut their limbs." Given the number of Necromorphs to "Ishimura" Isaac did not have time to take advantage of this advice.


Reducers (Shrinker) from Duke Nukem 3D
Weapons 11 seconds reduces the opponents, followed by the player can easily crush them. Alas, but its effects are not subject to the turret, droids, slugs, tanks and bosses. But there is nothing nicer than to turn into a kind of strong monster cockroach, and to arrange a meeting with him to the sole.


Demonic bones from American McGee's Alice
The grim game based on the tales of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in Wonderland." However, from the first minute players dipped into a universe filled with cruelty and insanity.
Demonic bones allow Alice to call the devil, which can destroy the enemy appeared nearby. But it is worth remembering that after each roll of the dice you must wish infernal entity.


Ship gun Serious Sam
Shooter Croatian company Croteam players back in the era of Quake. Crowds of enemies against a lone hero. Players are asked to show their skills in the management of the mouse and defeat the alien invaders led by Mental.
Set weapon is not very different from the standard list: gun, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher. The exception was the medieval naval cannon. One shot - and a huge core of rushes forward, destroying all in its path.


Soul Cube of Doom 3
Special weapons from Doom 3 that gamers received after killing the guard. To enable it, it was necessary to destroy the five monsters, then cube can kill any normal enemy, or cause serious damage to the boss. After killing the enemy weapons and more lechilo Player.


Voodoo doll of Blood
The mystical weapons from Blood shooter lets gamers feel the Haitian shamans. One injection needle and the enemy began to lose health. However, this thing should be very careful - when the enemy has not got in the crosshairs, the doll took away a piece of your life.


Electric Nevan of Devil May Cry 3
After defeating Nevan Dante got an electric guitar that not only feel like a rock star, but also to arrange a personal hell for monsters. Weapons, is the soul of a vampire, gives the possibility to produce bats, shoot lightning, and cancels gravity for the main character for a while.


BFG 9000 of Doom
Big Fucking Gun, Blast Frequency Gun, Bio Force Gun - the most famous names of the decryption of the coolest weapons of Doom. Heavy hand gun, one shot to kill all enemies in sight.
«BFG 9000 - the most powerful weapon in the history of the human race. This fully self-contained portable platform. Each charge contains tiny but very powerful computer that performs guidance and, thanks to the built-in recognition system "friend or foe" sends an additional death ray to every opponent. Rays damage inflicted before the explosion of the main charge, "- described the weapon in Doom 3.


Assault bear of Red Alert 3
In fact, the bear can not be called assault weapons. However, given that for gamers units - is only a means to cause damage to the enemy side, we have included a representative of the Soviet troops from Red Alert 3 in our list.
As the description of "Assault Bears intended to replace war dogs were insufficient resistant to harsh weather conditions and the fire of the enemy. Russian fighting bears born in captivity, from the earliest days of their accustom to the harsh conditions of modern warfare and military tactics become part of taming ».




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